Lea Clark Beach Items Stock Photos

On the Indigo website, there are pictures of a few Lea sets stock photos. First, her Beach accessories:


american girl beachThe description of this set says:

Lea is ready for a day of amazing beach adventures! What will she explore next? It’s up to your girl with this set: A swim mask with adjustable straps and pretend water droplets. A snorkel that attaches to the mask. Swim fins with tropical flower graphics. An adorable baby sea turtle, like the ones Lea sees hatching. A sea turtle egg with a hatchling coming out. A beach towel with ribbon straps to roll it up and a pretend tube of sunscreen

Next is her mix-n-match swimsuit:


american girl beach 2

american girl beach 3

american girl beach 4

The description of this set says:

Once Lea finally finds the courage to swim in the ocean, nothing can stop her! This set can be worn four different ways, and includes: A sporty rash guard top, a tankini top with fringe at the neckline, a green swimsuit bottom with a pink waistband, a pink swimsuit bottom with printed side panels and a hair accessory.



3 comments on “Lea Clark Beach Items Stock Photos

  1. It’s interesting that Lea’s eyes look hazel in all these pictures, because in the video, they looked like Caroline eyes!

  2. Oh my gosh, Lea is so beautiful! I love that first swimsuit on her, I don’t have any swimsuits for my dolls…hmmm…maybe I should get it!;)