Lea Clark Purple Tie-dye Dress on Ebay

I found this purple tie-dye dress that is from Lea Clark’s line of clothing.  I’ve already seen this outfit, but without the sunglasses included.lea

lea 3

lea 4

The shoes just look cheap to me.

lea 2

Here are the new sunglasses. I like them, but I don’t love them. I can’t see them going with any other outfits, unless they’re in Lea’s collection.

What do you think?


If you want to see this outfit on a doll, you can go to Lissieandlilly.blogspot.com.


7 comments on “Lea Clark Purple Tie-dye Dress on Ebay

  1. I agree, and that might be why sunglasses are be included, but I could be wrong. I’m surprised, but I actually really like the glasses! :P Nothing of Lea’s (besides the swim suits) is appealing to me. You know, the sunglasses could be part of her welcome accessories, along with the leaked watch and messenger bag. :o

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. I’m with you, this collection does nothing for me. So far I’ve only seen one outfit that appeals to me. I guess I will be saving a lot of money on this collection. And yes, a thousand times yes to a camera!!!!! I’m amazed there isn’t one already available in the Truly Me collection.