Lea Clark Story Details

Thank you to Lissy and Lilly and Miss Midoria for giving me permission to share this list of Lea’s story details!

– Lea is from St. Louis, MO

– Loves photography

– Owns a turtle named Ginger

– Her nickname is “Cricket”

– Her father is a history professor at Washington University and her mother is an architect

– It’s January at the beginning of the story and school is in session. Lea has been pulled out of school for the trip.

– Brother Zac is in college and studying the Brazilian rainforest for the year

– Zac is pale skinned normally and his eyes are blue

– Lea calls her Grandmother “Ama”

– Ama’s full name was Amanda Cooper

– Her grandmother passed away before the story begins.

– Her grandmother gives Lea a compass pendent the same night she passes away.

– Her grandmother traveled all over the world and kept journals. Mrs. Clark gave Lea the journals before she heads out to Brazil.

– Lea inherited her hazel eyes from Ama

– Zac and Lea are 1/8 Brazilian (Ama’s father was from Brazil). The book specifically says 1/8.

– Her mother and brother are also described as having sandy brown hair

– Lisa Yee gives a shout out to Kauai by having Lea read a journal entry where Ama is vacationing there.

– Leah is afraid of large bodies of water due to a near drowning incident in a lake when she was six years old.

– The Clark family visits the Bahia area of Brazil and they note that it has a heavy African influence.

– The women she speaks with are referred to as “Afro Brazilian”.

– Lea is having a hard time connecting to Zac because his experiences have changed him.

All credit goes to Lissy and Lilly. Thank you for letting me share this!

Lea is rumored to be $120 (Whew!). But, she is also rumored to be $180 if you buy a special package with the doll, accessories, and exclusive outfit!

What do you think of Lea? Do these details make you want her more?

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