Mary Ellen’s First Book Cover

Mary Ellen

This is the cover of Maryellen Larkin’s first book. I am also guessing that’s her meet outfit. It looks cute and I’ve heard that many people like her shoes. They do look unique.

It looks like Maryellen lives somewhere warm, by the palm trees, and tropical plants in the background.

Maryellen is starting to grow on me. I don’t think I’ll get her, though she is pretty.

– American Girl Doll Artist


4 comments on “Mary Ellen’s First Book Cover

  1. I loooooove May Ellen! She is definitely on my Christmas list! I was hoping for a different meet outfit, but I still really like her. (I’m surprised that AG would actually show this…. It’s only May and she comes out August 27….)

  2. I find it interesting that the bangs are on the opposite side of the prototype doll. I guess they changed it!