Maryellen 18″ Doll Leak!

Here’s a picture of 18 inch Maryellen in her box!

maryellen leak

Living a Doll’s Life got this photo from Instagram and that person got it off Ebay. It was probably a Chinese seller.

Maryellen’s hair looks really soft and shiny. Samanthalover is hoping to add Maryellen to her collection sometime after she is released.

– American Girl Doll Artist


6 comments on “Maryellen 18″ Doll Leak!

  1. Thanks for showing me this! I am eager to learn or see anything new about Maryellen. I am hoping to add her to my doll family! :)

  2. They make the dolls in china, so a person in china must have stole it or taken a photo. Do you want Mary Ellen, Agdollartist?