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Isn’t Mini Maryellen adorable? She has such a sweet face. I really like her vest.

I found these pictures at American Girl Publishing, along with her book descriptions.

One and Only

Book One: The One and Only

Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out, but in a family with five brothers and sisters it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle! A painting mishap gains her some attention, but not the kind she’s been longing for. Being invited to stay in at recess and practice her handwriting earns Maryellen a new friend, but what does that mean for her old friendships? Then, Maryellen is wishing for a white Christmas like the ones in the movies (not very likely in Florida!). Will she find a way to make her dream come true?

Taking Off

Book Two: Taking Off

Turning ten is a big deal, and Maryellen Larkin wants to celebrate it in a very special way. Will she choose a western theme or decide on a superstar celebration, or will the event turn out to be something even Maryellen doesn’t expect? And which party participant surprises her the most? Then, Dad comes home with a silver surprise and big plans for a family vacation. On the trip, what will Maryellen discover about Joan and her wedding plans? What will Maryellen decide about her own plans and “flying high?”

These sound interesting. The only thing I have to say is that AG always makes dolls with a “large” families (4-6 kids) in the historical dolls. Plenty of families have 6-8 kids today and many of them like dolls. I even learned last night that Josie Duggar  (in a family of 19 kids) has AG dolls too! I just think that AG needs to recognize that there are people out there like that, and not just the people who have “perfect families”.

Anyways…. here’s the third book.

My Journey

My sisters and I are going crazy! Truly Me comes out tomorrow!!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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12 comments on “Maryellen Mini Doll And More

  1. She lives in Florida! That’s were I live! Truly me comes out tomorrow? Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I did not know Josie Dugger had ag dolls. She only a little girl I don’t know how she would save up for it for herself and her parents don’t seem like they would spend 130$ on a doll with a big family. Of course with there moto buy used save the difference, they may buy used. Where did you find out that Josie plays with ag dolls?

    • I was watching 19 kids and Counting on TLC last night and the host asked Josie what she liked to play with her sisters, and she said, “American Girl Dolls.” I said to Catlover02, “I’d like to know the condition of those dolls…” They could have bought used, or they could be hand-me-downs from an older sister.

  2. When the BeForever mini dolls came out, I didn’t really like any of them, but I have to say, the Maryellen mini doll is pretty cute. I’m loving her high ponytail, and the colors of her dress are really fun. The only detraction is that her clothes look a little too big. It doesn’t matter that much, though. She’s still really cute. :)
    Maryellen’s book covers don’t look bad, but I think they would be better if Maryellen was wearing a different outfit on book 2. It’s weird that AG would have her wearing the same outfit, because all the other BeForever characters(with the exception of Kaya) are wearing two different outfits on their book covers. The only difference with these books is that Maryellen is wearing a shrug on the second book.