NEW! Additions to AG Publishing!

While looking through the AG Publishing site, I came across these few things!

1. NEW! Doll Celebrations (Available in August)



2. NEW! Baking with Grace ( American Girl Doll Artist and I are SUPER excited about this! Available in June)



3. NEW! Dream It, Do It! (Available in August)



4. NEW! Josefina Mini Doll!!!! (I <3 her! Available in August)



That’s all! I was so excited to see a Josefina Mini doll!! I think she is adorable. The Doll Celebration looks super fun and so does the Baking with Grace book! Dream It, Do It! looks like a lot of fun also.

– Catlover02

What do you think?

About Catlover02

Hi, I'm Catlover02! I'm love setting up scenes, photographing American Girl dolls, and blogging. You can also find me on Instagram as! I also love creating extra-realistic clay food, perfectly doll-sized, for our Etsy shop, Peppermint Pursuits.


  1. Nice! These will be nice additions!

  2. Sunnyhappyfarm says

    Awesome! I thought Joesfina was retiring but I don’t think so anymore!

  3. Sunnyhappyfarm says

    They also came out with a new care and keeping of you book, and a sisters book.

  4. Sunnyhappyfarm says

    Wait! Sorry I’m keep on commenting but they took out the name Maryellen too. Hmmm…

  5. I will definitely get the Grace book! Can’t wait!


  7. I love the Josefina mini doll! I can’t wait for August. 🙂

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