New AG Books on Amazon – Felicity’s Coming Back?!

Just recently American Girl author, Kathleen Ernest, has uploaded some listings on Amazon of some American Girl Beforever books that have not been released.

One of them is called “Beforever 2017 3 Book Set.”  There is no description or listing photo, but it states the authors as Kathleen Ernest, Valerie Tripp, and Juliana Kolesova.

The next book listed is called “Gunpowder and Tea Cakes.” :D This states the author to be Kathleen.

No, wait. It gets better.

Then, in another listing there’s a book called, “A Stand for Independence,” written by Valerie Tripp, the original author of the Felicity stories.

I have yet to find a third book.

However, all this information points in the direction the Beforever Doll of 2017 will be Felicity Merriman.

I LOVE this idea. I think it would bring in a lot of original customers who remember how it was when it was Pleasant Company. Catlover02 is really pumped for her and is considering getting her when she is released..

I think we are going a bit over the top. :D

But I want to hear your thoughts. How do you guys feel about Felicity being brought back from the archives?

– American Girl Doll Artist


55 comments on “New AG Books on Amazon – Felicity’s Coming Back?!

  1. AHHHH! SERIOUSLY? FELICITY HAS BEEN MY FAVORITE SINCE I WAS 4! I used to call myself Penny and make my mom feed me apples. XD

    -Clara <3

  2. I would enjoy seeing an updated Felicity! Cool! I hope that you are correct. Or what if it is a similar time period, but a totally different doll?

  3. I would love it if they brought Felicity back!!!! I really wanted the Pleasant Company Felicity. Since I couldn’t get her, I was directed to an adult collector that was downsizing her collection. I purchased a Mattel Felicity, also several of her gowns all in perfect condition. I really want all the Scenes and Settings for the historical dolls. I do have Samantha’s. I was looking for Kirsten’s and came across Felicity’s. I was thrilled when I found it was in good condition ( except after I got it, one of the snap closures broke ). I was the only person that bid on this, $99.00 dollars, plus $20.00 shipping. It also came with Felicity’s wooden canopy bed ( no material canopy ), and her wooden night stand. Also, it came with a non AG upholstered couch and dress, both very, very nice. It was such a great buy and I was thrilled with my purchase!!!!😊

  4. YEASSSS!!!! I would be over the moon if she came back!!! She is my first doll, and has a very special place in my heart… I just hope that if they bring her back that they do her justice in the BeForever collection and give her a gorgeous collection, like they’ve done Addy… And I also really hope that they don’t retire Addy, as is rumoured. She is a beautiful doll and her time period deserves representation! My dream would to have AG have both Addy and Felicity, now that would be wonderful!

  5. I LOVE FELICITY!!!!! she is one of my favorites! =D
    The only problem is that they will probably ruin her clothes. :(
    I’m so excited!
    Most crazily, ~Olive

    P.S, When will you post the next part of the guiding compass?

    *mumbles* If only they’d bring back Elizabeth, too. I hate that they took away the friend dolls. *cries*

  7. I would be so thrilled to have Felicity back! Her time period is my favorite, I would love to get more of her clothes and accessories!

  8. I really hope this is true! Felicity was such an amazing and patriotic character. :)

    It would make sense to bring her back – she was archived after Samantha, and AG brought Samantha back a few years ago. Now it’s Felicity’s turn!! :D


    *bangs head on table*
    FELICITY OUTFITS!!!! FELICITY!!! It’s gonna be so amazing to have more of her kinds of outfits- I can’t wait!!! And to see Felicity with the new skin tone that’s more peach, and to have feathered eyebrows probably, and pinker lips!!! GAH!!!!! I can not wait! I hope she’s coming out of retirement! FELICITY OUTFITS!!!
    *continues to rampage*

  10. I would like to see Felicity back also Molly,Kirsten,Caroline,Marie-Grace and Cecilia . Valerie Tripp also wrote the Molly books. American Girl should go back to the historical books too that Pleasant Company published.

  11. I hope AG decides to make felicity come back!

    AG is having Melody bundles and sales on melody until 8/30/16! Are you planning on getting Melody?

  12. I do hope Felicity to return! It also scares me a bit. They kinda took away so much from the other characters in the BeForever revamp. Also, historical accuracy is very important.

  13. I would love to see Felicity come back! I have recently had an interest in her and would love to add her to my collection and it would be nice not to have to look on the secondary market for her! Also I would love AG to expand her story and collection even more!
    Lydia’s Dolls

  14. I just hope that, if they bring her back, they don’t make her outfits too crazy like they did with Samantha. But I would be pretty hyped…the way I found American Girl was through a card in the back of a Felicity book – still Pleasant Company Era! I’m not sure where my grandmother got the book for me, but it is true – I have “Schooltime for Felicity” and “Felicity’s Christmas” in the original Pleasant Company paperbacks.