New American Girl Books

On American Girl’s bookseller’s site, there is new american girl books! They are not for sale on the website yet though.

Grace book

First of all, there is going to be a 3rd book for Grace. I have a feeling that the outfit she’s wearing is going to be released in July. After all, she has the other two outfits she’s wearing on the covers of her other books.

Caroline book

American girl is going to change the covers of all the Beforever mysteries. Caroline’s curls look a little too perfect to me on this cover. I didn’t see a journey book for Josefina, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Mystery Book

They are also bringing back some of their older books, with new illustrations and covers.

Pet book

Catlover02 loves this! I think it looks fun. Her pets would enjoy it if she buys it.

Hair Salon book

There is a new saying, called “Truly Me,” that’s on a lot of new AG books…. I think they are changing the name of the My AG line, and changing their meet outfits as well. I can’t wait! This book is like the older one, but with a new cover, and new pictures inside, I think.

school book


I think this looks fun. There it is again, “Truly Me.”

Food book

Notice the table and chairs: They are actually from Marie-Grace and Cecile’s collection! This book looks fun. :)

There are even more “Truly Me,” books on the site. Click here to see them!

Remember, these are not for sale yet.

– American Girl Doll Artist


5 comments on “New American Girl Books

  1. I hope they have the outfit that is on the new book. On the publishing website it says the last Grace book will be available in May.