New Grace Release Leaked!

While browsing on the American Girl website, I came across this information! American Girl has leaked Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit and Accessories! I took some snips to show you. All pictures are from the American Girl Website.

1. Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit $30

So Cute!

super cute




Cutest skirt


super cute sandalsI LOVE Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit, it is super adorable. Her polka-dotted tutu is darling and has lots of mix-n-match potential. My favorite element of this outfit is the shirt. The three-quarter length sleeves and sequins stand out to me. And, of course, they had to add an adorable white bow on her left shoulder! Cute!

2. Grace’s Sightseeing Accessories $28

sightseeing accessories


sunglasses on





sunglasses on




I am not a very big fan of these accessories. All right, all right. The boots are cute, but the shrug and sunglasses look like something from Our Generation instead of American Girl. There are just three accessories and it’s priced at $28 dollars! It’s ridiculous!

(Note from AG Doll Artist: I don’t understand the sunglasses. They don’t really match anything from her collection. )

3. Grace Thomas Sweet Hairstyles Set $22







hair 4






I absolutely love this hair set! The ‘hair’ bow is kind of weird, but the rest of the set is nice. My favorite accessory is the polka-dot bow. The photos also show some basic hairstyles for me to try on Grace.

4. Grace’s Charm Bracelet for Girls $60




I personally love this charm bracelet, it is so awesome! Unfortunately, the price is not. $60! Why did American Girl have to make the bowl spin, the suitcase open and so on? I guess they wanted to make the bracelet for interesting for girls, because it certainly interests me!

5. Grace Thomas Sparkle Bow Tee for Girls $28

sparkle bow


This teal cotton shirt is nice, but I wouldn’t get it. It takes me long enough to save up for her collection. Besides, I have my eyes on Grace’s Travel Coat, not a t-shirt for myself. (Both are priced at $28) Available in XS-XL.

6. Grace Thomas Puppy Tee for Girls $26

puppy tee


This tee is also cotton, but is less than the Sparkle Bow Tee. What I like about this, is the picture of Bonbon on the front. I would have liked it more it American Girl left out the hearts, but I guess they wanted to shirt to be more detailed. Available in XS-XL.

7.  Grace Thomas Jewelry and Photo Keeper for Girls $24







For $24 dollars, this set is sort of cheap. I don’t know if the pink Eiffel Tower is metal or plastic. I wish AG could make one of these for Grace, so she could store her earrings and postcards somewhere. I would LOVE it is American Girl did that!

8. Grace Thomas Movie Soundtrack $8



I don’t really know what could be on this CD. I’ve heard some songs in the Grace Movie Trailer, but I didn’t know there would be more.

9. Grace Thomas Travel Set for Girls $50







This set is cool, but I wouldn’t want to buy it. I would actually like it more if AG made this set look like Grace’s real suitcase. I mean, this one kind of looks like a camera bag or something. I still like the Eiffel Tower and stickers, but I wonder if the big blue bow is removable…

10. *Rumor* New AG Yorkie Pet!



Do you see what I see? A new puppy! I found this image in American Girl’s digital catalogue. It makes me wonder if AG is going to come out with any more Truly Me pets. Maybe a cat? AG has produced 5 Truly Me puppies and only 1 cat! (I love dogs, but I wish American Girl would consider more cats in the future.)



14 comments on “New Grace Release Leaked!

  1. They are also coming out with the two new shirts for girls: one teal and one red and white. A traveling set for girls, a photo keeper, her hair styling set, a soundtrack for her movie, and drumroll please!……

    Her charm bracelet! It’s $60 though.

  2. If you go on the sight seeing outfit on the American girl website it will be under “recommend for you”.

      • I have sugar. She has a little bow in her hair but it looks like the new Yorkie puppy doesn’t. I agree with you catlover02. I wish AG had more cats. They used to sell two cats; ginger and licorice. Maybe the could make a Siamese cat or a Persian cat!

        • It would be awesome if American Girl made a Persian Cat,I would be super happy, because they are my favorite type of cat, but they just came out with Tutu last year. (Isabelle 2014) I don’t know if AG would make a Siamese cat, since they have barely any fur. Maybe they could come out with an orange tabby or a Bombay cat.

  3. Yes!!! I saw the outfit on the cover of her third book and I was hoping they would make it for the doll and they did!!!! I can’t wait for Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit to be released! I am also definitely getting it and her hair set!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!