New Spring Outfits on Ebay

A few new outfits have popped up recently on Ebay.

1. Valentines Day Dress


The shoes go to Maryellen’s Birthday Dress. You can see the American Girl tag on the bottom left of the dress.

Update: Matching shoes

valentine 6

valentine 7

2. Bitty Baby Pink Spring Dress




I don’t know for certain whether this is for Bitty Baby or not. There isn’t a picture of the inside of the dress, so I don’t know if it has American Girl tags or not.

3. T-shirt and Leggings

shirt 2


shirt 3

These are from American Girl, they have the tags, but this outfit has me confused. Is Melody a doll? Is this for the rumored, “Melody Ellison”? Or is it just used for the music-themed t-shirt? I don’t know what to say about the leggings. This was found on Instagram by @sailerstitch


4. Spring Dress Headband

spring dress headband

headband close-up

So…. I know you’ve already seen this dress before, but this headband has been added onto the listing. The colors match, so I know that they belong together. The headband sort of looks like a cloth version of Grace’s baking headband.


LINK to the Ebay seller.


5 comments on “New Spring Outfits on Ebay

  1. I found those polka-dot pants and shirt last night at 11:00, but it was removed saying that the listing had ended! Before it was removed, it said ”new listing”, but I’m still a little bit confused. I have a feeling that the music shirt will be for Melody. Maybe part of her collection, or some kind of exclusive?
    -American Girl Doll Crafter

    • On Instagram, the photo came from the person who bought the outfit, so the listing had probably ended because that same person bought the outfit. I agree, it could be some kind of exclusive. Maybe part of a goodie bag on the day she’s released? I can’t really see it fitting into a Beforever Character’s collection, since I believe that the Beforever character will be named Melody Ellison.