New Truly Me Kitchen Set + New Doll Leaked!

Look at this awesome set guys! A KITCHEN!!


Look at it. It’s so cool! There’s a mixer, a toaster, a stove, an oven, a waffle maker, a little pet feeding drawer, utensils, and tons of other accessories. It’s just plain awesome.

I’m guessing the price will be $200+.

Catlover02 and I are really hyped up right now. It’s such a cool set! I’m sure girls will go crazy for this. We sure are!

And that doll with red hair. She looks new!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.16.38 PM.png

She has straight red hair like TM #61, blue eyes with the classic mold. The AA doll in the other chair might be a new doll as well, one with hazel/brown eyes some people suspected to be a new doll. She was found on the front of a Simplicity pattern pack for AG dolls.

There also looks like there will be a new table and chair set, along with a new breakfast set.

What do you guys think? Are you as excited as I am for this kitchen set?

– American Girl Doll Artist


30 comments on “New Truly Me Kitchen Set + New Doll Leaked!

  1. AAAAAH!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!! *dies*
    And I think that doll is #39. It’s probably just the lighting making her hair look red :)
    But seriously, that kitchen is so amazing!!! O_O

  2. WHOOHOO! It’s about time, AG!! I hope the doll with brown hair and hazel eyes gets released soon, because then they would have one that actually looked like me! :D

  3. I think there will be 3 new dolls, since the doll in the chair looks like she has the josefina mold and black wavy hair. The AA doll had the addy mold and darker skin.

  4. I LOVE this kitchen set! I am in the middle of building a dollhouse so this is perfect for it! I am hoping it is in the $250-$275 range. I am thinking this because all the other furniture peices this size are around this price. I hope it comes out at the melody realese! Maybe I will have extra money… Just to let you know in the blog poppetsandpossies tgey are saying the waffle maker is not included, but included in another waffle based breakfast set. (Looks at empty wallet and wonders where all my hard errands money went). It is a LOVELY set though and I intend to get it!!

  5. WOW- I was not expecting this! The new doll looks quite a bit like Autumn, my TM #61, so I probably won’t get her, but she is pretty! As for the kitchen set, I think Our Generation did a better job making it look realistic, but it’s a nice thought. The table and chairs look like all the other AG table and chair sets, but if the new breakfast set includes cookies – o.O Don’t we all wish we could have cookies for breakfast!