Parts of GOTY 2017 Gabriela’s Collection Leaked!

This morning, several sets from Gabriela McBride’s collection were leaked!


One of the sets was Gabriela’s pajamas. It looks like there is a blue tank, dark blue pants, and slippers. I don’t see any hair ties like Truly Me pajama sets have, but they still might have them. I’m guessing these pajamas will be $24.


Another photo was of Gabriela’s tap shoes. I knew she liked hip-hop, but I didn’t know she did tap. I think these are cute, but my sister, who takes dance, said she wished the shoes were black like ones girls wear. It’s possible these shoes go with an outfit.


Gabriela’s pet is going to be a little gray and white kitten! She will have embroidered eyes and a plush body. Some people have stated she will be smaller then most AG pets, but that’s because she’s a kitten. ;)  I am wondering why AG has only given the GOTYs who are dancers pet cats.


Finally we have Gabriela’s accessories. I’m guessing this will be the set to go along with her meet outfit. Her signature colors seem to be teal blue, dark purples, and light pinks. This set very much reminds me of Marisol’s dance accessories.

I feel as if AG has not put a lot of thought into Gabriela and her collection. Her storyline is not that original, the doll is an exact copy of Truly Me #46, and her outfits lack the “wow” factor that is essential for sales. I’m happy AG has finally introduced an African American Girl of the Year, but releasing her right after Melody Ellison was probably not the best idea. Gabriela and Melody have the same hair color, eye color, vinyl color, and face mold.

Some people have been saying Gabriela was not meant to be the GOTY at all. That title was meant to go to Tenney Grant, which is why she looks so unique. Rumor has it that GOTY 2017 would be the last GOTY, so AG quickly decided to end the line with an African American Girl of the Year. Originally, Gabriela was supposed to be a modified Truly Me doll with her own story line, but AG switched Tenney and Gabriela. This may seem confusing (it certainly is for me) but only time will tell what is really going on with AG.

What I am really concerning with is the lack of details in Gabriela’s clothing. If the fact that AG didn’t have much time to design her is false, and AG decidely left out details, I do not see the company going in a good direction. I’m not trying to negative, but simply just trying to explore the possible meanings. If AG is trying to leave out details to keep the prices of their items lower, let’s just say it would not end well. People buy from AG BECAUSE of the quality.

I hope AG has some trick up their sleeve to improve their game, because I do not see their sales rising with GOTY Gabriela, even if she is the last Girl of the Year.

What are your thoughts on these leaked items?

– American Girl Doll Artist


36 comments on “Parts of GOTY 2017 Gabriela’s Collection Leaked!

  1. I honestly don’t know what to think of all this. Gabby is one cute doll, but I don’t know. I’ve said this before, but I think AG seems to be destroying their own company. I wish they’d simplify things and return to the company we love, not one who is trying to make tons of money.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Her outfits are boring and lack fun details. Have they run out of ideas. Isabel, the goty dancer, was not that long ago. Tis a shame the only African American goty does not excite- I have read this quite a few times online from adults. Maybe the kids will like her. Thanks for the post.

  3. Honestly I love her and her collection. But I don’t have Isabelle, Marisol, or TM46. If I did, then I probably would not be as interested as I am right now.

  4. P.S. Could the timing have something to do with GOTY 2017 looking like Moana in the recently released Walt Disney movie? I feel worried about the new contemporary line, because the attraction of AG is that the dolls aren’t like the other over made-up, overdressed, distorted dolls out there – that is their beauty.

  5. I really don’t like Gabriela’s collection.
    On the bright side…
    CONGRATULATIONS! You are the December Blogger Of The Month! Check my blog for details. :)
    @The Sunshine Dollies

  6. I don’t know… I LOVE the doll, and it looks like she has a widows peek, which is origional, she might not though. But she DOES looks exactly like #46. I agree with you 100%. When I saw her accessories, I was thinking it looked exactly like Marisol’s. She even does tap like Marisol. I might get her, but I have Isabelle and Marisol… So I’m not sure…

  7. Hi American Girl Doll Artist! I was wondering I could use some of these leaked images on my blog! I would give FULL credit to you, and I’m wondering which ones are OK to use. If not, I totally understand, just wanted to run it by you first!

  8. On those PJs, I think they’d be a hundred million times better with some sparkle in the weave, or at least a bit of pattern on the PJ pants.
    I am a little bit tired of AG’s prices…I don’t get an allowance, and I don’t have a job, and even if I did have a job, I’d be paying for my own horse and not AG…so if these sets are less expensive (or at least not overpriced) then I’ll be happy with the blah detail.
    It looks OG quality to me. OG < AG as far as quality goes.
    (As for Tenney, I'm hoping her PJs will be pajama pants and a T-shirt. Isn't that what we all sleep in? XD)

    Teh kitteh, however, is so chestnut-chomping adorable!
    I think the reason dancers have cats is because dancers aren't dog people.
    Crossing my fingers for an all-English equestrian GOTY who decides to adopt a rescue horse so AG can get involved with the Unwanted Horse Coalition…and so I can see AG improve their horses!
    I hope they make Penny, Lissie's horse, bigger and more muscular. Their horses are not nearly big enough and they're really oddly smooth all over. That's a serious problem. Real horses' muscles are right up next to the skin, so they are a bit bumpier than AG's version.
    Sorry for the filibuster, but I'm just getting started! XD

  9. Idk, I really like her kitten, but the rest of her collection just doesn’t seem that creative. Her pajamas look just like truly me ones, and idk, everything about her so far just doesn’t seem unique at all… :\ I hope AG isn’t losing their creativity. :(

  10. It’s sad that they made their only AA GOTY so simple and plain. It is sending a terrible message to young girls and is making AG not look too good.

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