Rumor: Addy to be Retired?

Someone said on their blog (I can’t remember which one) but they said they went to the American Girl store. The girl was having a hard time deciding between 2 dolls: Addy, and another one. I think they asked an employee for advice, and the employee recommended Addy, because she said Addy was going to be retired within a year or so.

If that’s true, I think some AA people will be really upset. Why can’t American Girl have 2 African American Beforever dolls at a time? Why just one? Also, if Addy is going to retire, it would be because of the new African American doll coming out on January 1st.

That’s also kind of confusing. Has American Girl ever released 2 important dolls on the same day? Maryellen just came out. It doesn’t make sense.

What do you think? Are you sad that Addy might be retired?

– American Girl Doll Artist


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    • Well, if they were trying to keep it under wraps they wouldn’t leave her out of the release, as that would be a dead giveaway of a plan for retirement.

      • But when they did the BeForever revamp, they didn’t give Josefina anything new. They only just released her mini doll a few months ago! Do you think it’s possible that they’re going to retire Josefina instead?

        • That is definitely possible that Josefina could be retiring soon, but I feel that they would have to release another Spanish doll to replace her, since that’s what they usually do. So far there’s been no sign of that, though. Maybe they are just trying to throw people off?
          As soon as I hear that Josefina is definitely retiring, I’m going to save up and buy her.

  1. Ugh, I knew it! Poor Addy :(
    I’m wondering if maybe the publication dates on the books are wrong, but if not, then maybe they’re releasing 2 dolls on the same day because of their next birthday? Won’t it be like 30 years or is it less? That’s my theory anyway :)

  2. I LOVE Addy, and will be really sad if she retires… Why can’t AG have two AA dolls?? They already have loads of white dolls, and yet they can’t/don’t have more than one AA, Hispanic, or other non-Caucasian doll? That doesn’t seem fair to me.

      • My opinion is, the majority of the the american population, especially in history, is made up of white people. So, AA, Hispanic, Native Indian, etc. are minority groups. So honestly, I think it is totally reasonable of AG to only have one of each at a time. That being said, I would be very sad if Addy were to retire because of her wonderful story. Stories like hers are a very important part of American history, and it would be very sad if AG’s historical line did not include a story like Addy’s. Also, I’m absolutely not saying that I am opposed to multiple AA or other minority race dolls at one time. Only that I’m also not opposed to only one of each.

  3. I know that many people want AG to make another Beforever DOC but I never expected Addy to go with the new one. I would’ve thought Josefina would go first…
    – Bella –

  4. They can’t retire Addy! Her story represents such an important part of U.S. history that should never be forgotten.
    I hope it is just a rumor, there are a lot of those, you know.

  5. I’ve heard the news quite a while ago and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo upset Addy is my homesclice so if I dont get her for christmas I’ll scream FULLL OUT SCREAM. I dont care if she retires I only care if she retires andi dont have her now that, would be sad

  6. “wow”, Is all I have to say. That is crazzzy news! I mean Addy is one of the Africans! You can’t get rid of her. You just retired Caroline! And is Lea is an African and the GOTY she’s only there for a year! So this is really crazy news. A lot of people are NOT gonna be happy

  7. Hey! When they released the new and reprinted BeForever mysteries, Addy didn’t receive one! I mean to say Addy didn’t receive a new or reprinted mystery book!

  8. Addy is actually going to be retired now. A blogger mentioned that she read the list of items to be retired in this coming year and almost all of Addy’s things are going to be.

  9. Well shoot! I heard that Josefina may be retiring soon.. I don’t have either but plan on getting both at some point, This is so challenging! Addy wasn’t in the Magazine issue where they announced Melody! Then again, I heard a rumor that Kaya is retiring, because of her lower sales and she wasn’t in one of the magazine issues.. I have kaya so I’m not super worried, even so this is a tough decision!

  10. I have the pleasant company Addy Walker and it really makes me mad that they are going to discontinue her . If u have noticed they haven’t been putting her in the catalogs.