Say Goodbye to Ruthie, Ivy, Marie-Grace and Cecile!

Yesterday, my mom and I were on American girl and we saw that American girl is retiring Marie-Grace, Cecile, Ruthie and Ivy! It is kind of strange, because American girl usually retires dolls at the end of the year, not in the middle. Also, they are retiring 4 dolls, not 1 or 2, like usual. After the 4 dolls are gone, there will be no more dolls with friends!

I do not plan on buying any of the dolls. Ivy is cute, but I like Isabelle (the girl of the year) more. Cecile is almost Jamie’s twin, but Cecile has hazel eyes, instead of brown, like Jamie.

Are any of you going to get the retiring dolls?

Sorry this post does not have any pictures! :)


2 comments on “Say Goodbye to Ruthie, Ivy, Marie-Grace and Cecile!

  1. It is surprising AG has not sent a magazine about the retiring dolls. Do you think they will make new dolls soon? I bought Marie-Grace and love her! I also really like Ruthie and Cecile. Do you know if they are doing the story contest? I am going to organize my dolls house. **!