Sneak Peek – Corinne Tan’s Entire Collection

The Girl of the Year 2022, Corinne Tan, and her entire collection showed up on the American Girl website earlier this morning. The listings that were found had item names, images, and pricing.

Corinne Tan Doll and Book – $110

Corinne’s Accessories – $35

Corinne’s Dog with Backpack – $35

Corinne’s Powder Blue Pajamas – $24

Corinne’s Powder Blue Pajamas for Girls – $40

Corinne’s Ski Outfit – $38

Corinne’s Ski Accessories – $44

Corinne’s Ice Skating Accessories – $24

Corinne’s Casual Outfit – $34

Corinne’s Ski Lodge Fire Pit – $85

Corinne’s Ski & Snack Shop – $150

Gwynn Doll – $65

Gwynn’s Accessories – $25

Gwynn’s Powder Pink Pajamas – $22

Gwynn’s Ice Skating Performance Outfit – $28

Corinne and Gwynn’s Bedroom Set – $350

Corinne and Gwynn’s Sweet Dreams Collection – $271

Corinne’s Ultimate Collection – $283

Corinne Book One – $7.99

Corinne Book Two – $7.99


11 comments on “Sneak Peek – Corinne Tan’s Entire Collection

  1. Wow! I’d loved to hear your thoughts on this. Personally, I love Corrine, although I almost definitely won’t be getting her. I think her casual outfits cute, and I’d love to get her bedroom set. Gwynn seems a lot less thought through…

    • I completely adore Corinne’s, well… EVERYTHING! Like, wow! This is BY FAR my FAVORITE doll!!! I’ve actually been saving money for like, FOREVER, and i’ll be darned,… NASHVILLE TIME!