Sneak Peek of Grace’s Collection!!

I have some pictures!! Grace has a super cute (and expensive) collection! I got these pictures from Lissie and Lily’s blog. It’s about American girl dolls too! These are not all of the pictures. Go to Lissie and Lily’s blog to see the rest!

GRACEWhat do you think? I think she’s pretty unique! She comes with heart earrings and a charm bracelet.

GRACE 4This is her fancy dress. The sandals are cute. Catlover02 has already called this. ;)


I love this! It’s perfect for Valentines day. I don’t get why they put shorts with a sweater, but it’s still cute.

GRACE 5I eat gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free. I also don’t eat any almonds. Catlover02 can eat almonds and is excited that they included a box of almond flour in this set!

GRACE 6I think this is estimated to be around $500. Oh my goodness. It must be huge! I would love to see the display for  that at the store! Many girls will probably want it, but if they do get it, where will they put it?

GRACE 2These remind me of Kanani’s or Jess’s pajamas.

What do you think?

On the American girl Play site, they have a countdown for Grace. They also have announced that Grace will have an app. You can play a game and watch some videos. Click here to see!

Thank you for reading! 5 more days until Grace’s debut!

– American Girl Doll Artist



9 comments on “Sneak Peek of Grace’s Collection!!

  1. I am getting super excited over this doll! I am soooo getting her, but my sis said if I got it I would have to share it with her. That’s O.K by me. I am going to get her pjs and pink dress, and probably her accessories.