Something Hidden…

I was looking at my American Girl catalog and I noticed the For Goodness Bake sweepstakes part. I started to read the prizes:

Grand Prize: Grace doll and book, the French bakery, bistro set and baking outfit, and a matching apron for girls.

First Prize: The Grace doll and book.

Second Prize: A Grace bracelet for girls and her first book.

Third Prize: Grace inspired Tee and phone case for girls, plus Grace’s first book.


Grace bracelet for girls? Grace inspired Tee? Phone case?


Perhaps these are possible things that are to be released from AG later in this year!

For Goodness Bake

So, I found the list of official rules, and it had the full list of prizes, including the names of the items in the prizes. Listen to this:

From the Official Rules:

“There will be one Grand Prize winner who will receive Grace™ Doll & Paperback Book, one Grace’s French Bakery, Grace’s Bistro Set, one Grace’s Baking Outfit, one Grace Thomas’s Tee for Girls, one Grace Thomas’s Skirt for Girls, one Grace Thomas’s Pretty Beret for Girls and one Grace Thomas’s Polka-Dot Apron for Girls.

First Prize winners will each receive one Grace™ Doll & Paperback Book

Second Prize winners will each receive one Grace’s Bracelet and one  Grace Paperback Book

Third Prize winners will each receive one Grace Thomas’s Puppy Tee for Girls, one Dots & Bows Phone Wristlet for Girls and one Grace paperback book. ”

All of the things I have made in red are things that I’ve never heard of. I am absolutely sure these are real items. Why would American Girl put items that don’t exist in a prize package?

I can’t wait to see what these items will look like. I also noticed that American Girl said the worth of the Second Place Prize was $70. I’m not kidding. American Girl must be making a really expensive Grace Thomas bracelet for girls. Maybe it’s sterling silver….

Did anyone else notice this?

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. I saw this last week too! I read at Trademarkia that American Girl has one section of Truly Me under jewelry, purses, etc. I wonder if they are starting a real jewelry line you can find at different stores? It sounds like the bracelet will cost $60, if Grace’s book is $9.99. All the new stuff has me really excited!!! American Girl Publishing has a three book box set for Grace that is supposed to come out in May, so maybe all the new items, including the outfit for Grace Makes it Great, will debut then! :) :D