Tenney Grant and Felicity – Possible Dolls Leaked!

Found on the website, Tao Bao, a listing for 2 American Girl dolls popped up recently, one fitting the description of Tenney Grant, and the other looking like an updated version of Felicity.

Let’s start with Tenney:


Here is the supposedly, Tenney Grant. Notice the normal molded hands, which show she will have a different body. The normal hands on the body point to the idea that this “Tenney” doll is a custom. The doll does seem to have quite a bit of lip color, and her eyebrows are uneven. I’m not quite sold with this picture; we will have to wait for more leaks.


Her face. This doll seems to have the more detailed brown eyes that Samantha has. To me, Tenney just screams CUSTOM. I like custom dolls, but ones with strange combinations I don’t like as much. I think it’s the freckles.


Her hair is very pretty. :D

Now, for the “Felicity” doll!


The tag on Felicity’s hand could be a sign that this is indeed THE Felicity, but her hair looks pretty similar to Truly Me #61.


Another photo.


Her eyes are very pretty.

I’m not entirely sold on these “American Girl dolls.” I think AG has a lot more that we don’t know about. I am trying to keep an open mind about the new dolls.

What do you think of these dolls?

– American Girl Doll Artist


38 comments on “Tenney Grant and Felicity – Possible Dolls Leaked!

  1. I actually kinda like Tenney! I do hope that she’s not the final product, but I LOVE her hair! :) And please, please, please, no boy doll American Girl! :( I’m worried about it being Tenney’s boyfriend too. I honestly thinkt ehy’re doing this because so many popular doll accounts on Instagram have boy dolls, and they want to make money off of it. Felicity is alright, I don’t really care for her. Thanks for the news! :)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. I love this, Tenney looks a little sketchy, but I am sure Felicity is right. I just realized on AG’s website, that they have Kirsten and Molly mini-dolls. They are so cute! And I am NOT excited for a boy doll on American GIRL. Hopefully this is a lie. :( Anyway, good luck on your blog!

  3. I have always wanted Felicity, but I have Kit, Ruthie, TM #13, Maryellen, and Lea, and I just got Lea at the AG store in L.A, so I am just waiting for her or Tenney to come out and buy them. I also am thinking about getting Kaya as well. So many choices!

  4. I think the ‘Tenney’ looks like a custom, because of the hair line, the lip colour and the freckles. The green eyes of ‘Felicity’ are a different shade than the original Felicity. I hope that the new dolls do not look like they are wearing make-up, because of being for an older age group. I think Z crew killed off a lot of genuine motion clip responses from young people, by stealing their thunder.

    Since the Beforever line, have you noticed how the hair has become brassier (Mary Ellen, Lea) or thinner (Beforever Josefina?) If the Tenney doll has articulated hands, she will not fit in with the others. If TM 46 is identical with GOTY 2017, what’s the point of calling her a GOTY? I hope Tenney will have normal hands, and GOTY 2017 will be different from TM 46. Let’s hope any boy doll is her brother.

  5. I think Tenney is REALLY pretty, and reminds me of Caroline a little bit, I like her and am really considering getting her when she comes out. I like the new felicity. I never liked felicity, cause of her Bright green eyes. they always looked really weird. she does look a lot like #61, but i like it better. I REALLY hope that American Girl DOES NOT do a boy doll. it’s just wrong. American Girl has always said that they’re more than just a toy company, and making a BOY doll, just cause some people wight want it, IS NOT GOOD. I really hope they don’t do it, and I really don’t like the idea of her having a friend that’s A BOY. And I really don’t like the idea of her having hands that are molded differently, that just sounds bad. and weird. I mean, when she’s not holding her instruments, her hands will look weird. and she won’t be able to do very much.

    Sorry about the long Comment!


  6. Oh wow! Felicity is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might, ahem, DEFINTELY be getting her. She’s lovely.
    As for Tenney…bleh. She looks like she would be better with either a) a different face mold or b) better freckles.

  7. Felicity is pretty, but something just screams ‘not right’ on Tenney. My grandma shops on Tao Bao, she lives in China. And where are American Girl dolls made? China…

  8. Hmmm…I’m honestly not sure what to think of these changes. I liked AG how it was in about 2012…before BeForever and Truly Me and things like that. The products, quality, and prices were so much better then. I’m just not sure about all of these changes. Since I’ve always wanted a boy doll, it would be really cool for AG to have one, but I don’t know. :\ AG is just getting more and more complicated…I wish things would be more simple, instead of having five (or six, if they make boys) different lines of dolls and products. I don’t know…

    Anyhow, the dolls look pretty cool! I personally don’t like Tenney at all…I think she’d look better with smooth eyebrows instead of the feathered ones. But I think it’s the freckles…they’re like AG freckles, but they’re no complete. As for Felicity, I like her look. It’s slightly different from the old one, but I have the old one and I think it would be nice to be able to distinguish which doll is the old or new.

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. Thanks for sharing! The Felicity doll is pretty, but I like the real Felicity better. I’m not too found of Tenney’s lips, but otherwise she is really cute!

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  11. I have one of the older Felicity dolls, I think the only differences are their dresses and hair colors. I hope Tenney is a different model, with more diversity.

  12. There faces seem a funny shape.. Is that just me. They don’t really look like AG dolls. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not ready to accept these new dolls.. If they are the real deal. But thanks for sharing these pics! It’s awesome to get a good look at them! :D
    Lydia’s Dolls @ http://lydiasdolls.blogspot.co.nz

  13. Some people have suggested that the new Felicity is actually a TM #61 with a Felicity wig. Well, TM #61 has pinwheel green eyes and this new Lissie has the other AG eyes (as in the kind that are on Isabelle). Hope this helps.

  14. I agree with you on the idea that Tenney is a custom.I noticed that her legs are a bit dirty and her freckles don’t look like Ag’s.And I’m puzzled on the fact that Felicity has a tag.Wouldn’t the doll not have a tag since they’re prototypes?And Felicity also has something on her arm,it appears to be a spot.

  15. I am not that sure about the Tenney’s look , I mean … she just does’nt look like an AG doll for me :( Because:
    a) Her legs look pretty dirty
    b)Her eyebrows are slightly uneven
    c) Her freckles have something weird , but I just cannot find it!!!
    d) Her lips look … different or even repainted!!
    E) Her wig looks like a brushed Caroline’s wig.
    But at least , Ilike a bit the new FELICITY’S look but I just think she looks too much like #61!!
    And honestly I am not the biggest fan of the boy doll … I just think is not right and that AG is just making too many changes ( And I don’t like all of them) I hope that the real Tenney is way different ;) But hey, that is just my opinion .
    Sorry for the huge comment ;)

  16. I didn’t like either of them… but I like the idea of the boy doll… hope he is a brother thought… i dont understand people complaing about the boy doll… American Girl had boys on the bitty twin line… but what i am really really excited about is the drums kit for the boy that i read about!!!!

  17. I would consider getting Felicity if she looks like this, the original Felicity eyes, I agree I think someone already mentioned, were too bright and a bit creepy. My #61 has pinwheel eyes and her hair seems lighter as well.
    Tenney, still not sure about the freckle pattern, but really like the long blonde hair, I don’t have a classic with long blonde hair yet. I wonder if the grippy hands will be like the Maplelea doll hands. An official boy doll – sounds interesting. I wonder if there will be a new head mold?

  18. I think that American Girl rocked in the old days, of course I am older…Lol
    I still have Molly sitting on my nightstand from when I turned 10 in 1990. When I was finally able to go to an AG store Molly had been retired and there were so many dolls and accessories. I was disappointed in the fact that all the beautiful furniture was not as finely crafted as before. The outfits did not have the fine hand-stiched details.
    (The prices are still the same mind you. My mother paid $100 for Molly and her accessories.)
    My daughter is 8 and she loves her dolls. She has Rebecca and a pleasant company Samantha. Lea, is tucked away for Christmas morning.
    I think the collection is getting out of control and the point of reading about history and the lives of young girls going through the same types of challenges that we face as young girls in modern times, has been thrown to the wind and sacrificed for commercialism.

    Thanks for the story and updates.

  19. I can’t be the the only person who inks that tenney doll is a custom. and that wig..it looks like Leas wig just colored blonde..