Tenney Grant Doll in Box Leaked!!

Today’s the day. The doll, Tenney Grant has been leaked!!

tenney grant

Photo credit: @agkameo on Instagram

Tenney Grant will have the new type of packaging that Gabriela has. Tenney will be wearing a music tee with a tie in front, a faux leather skirt, boots, and I think it’s a denim vest. Her hands are molded differently so she is able to play her instruments. I think her arms are curved as well.

Note: Tenney Grant is a contemporary character. Her release dated used to be February 9th, but has been pushed back to the 16th. It’s still on a Thursday though.

I am not impressed. Her outfit clashes, her arms look like Our Generation dolls, and she looks oddly similar to Truly Me #24. My thoughts have not changed on the new packaging.  I sadly will most likely not add her to my collection. Right now it does not look like AG will be redeeming themselves. 😪

What are your thoughts on the Tenney doll/packaging?

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48 comments on “Tenney Grant Doll in Box Leaked!!

  1. I’m with you, totally unimpressed. AG is saving me a ton of money with these new releases. I guess I’ll be spending my money on Felicity stuff! I will be anxious to see what the instruments are like though.

  2. It looks like AG is becoming a LOT like OG. EW. Just no! This doll is basically TM 24 with a different outfit. I hope this isn’t a new trend AG is starting, with their TM dolls being given a name and outfit and said to be a character.

    • OMG, I know! It’s what brands like OG and My Life do, and it kind of takes away some of the fun, not to mention they’ll have to keep retiring Truly Me’s! Eventually, there won’t be anymore. I hope they don’t start to do that.

  3. We love some items that AG comes out with, but right now, we are not very impressed. American Girl is beginning to turn into Our Generation, and we do NOT want that to happen. Thanks for telling us!

  4. I completely agree with you. However, some of her leaked outfits seem nice, so maybe I’ll get some of those. Hopefully AG will redeem itself with Felicity’s release.



  5. Oh, dear. I was really hoping AG would redeem themselves with Tenney Grant. I am completely unimpressed – disgusted, in fact. Her outfit looks exactly like something OG would sell (and it doesn’t even match!), and the packaging is just… Ugh. Thank you so much for sharing this! I really love how you’re so on top of the latest AG news! :D Would you happen to know if they’ve changed the packaging for the Truly Me dolls?

  6. Agree with everyone above. It seems like the end of an era, very sadly, with AG turning into a lesser quality company. Even the bright note of Felicity returning is dimmed if there are not any additional clothes available with her, as her hair and eyes are already both duller in colour. If Felicity doesn’t have thicker hair than most TM’s at least, I really will give up, although I like her meet dress, (despite the strange choice of yellow for the inset of a blue dress.) Thanks for the leak!

  7. I’m seeing a lot of people really unhappy with her right now, but the more I see the picture, the more I think she could be really pretty! It’s a terrible photo with gross lighting and graininess, so we really can’t tell if her face mold is that bad. I think it makes sense that they got a new face mold for her, since she is years older than the rest of the AGs. Once stock photos come out, I bet she’ll look a lot better! :D

  8. I really wanted Tenney at first, but seeing this now, i think I’ll just figure out how to make a custom. Really, the only difference from Taylor Swift (besides the outfit) is the eyes. If they had used Caroline’s eyes, she would be an exact copy. For anyone interested I am going to be using a Truly Me 24 doll with Caroline’s eyes.

  9. i would like to see the hands close up and how they interact with the instruments. I like her hair, looks like a ringlet. Don’t care much for the box, my dolls get taken out of them anyway so its just something to protect them for shipping. I guess some collectors might want mint in box displays and the long display window helps with that. a unique box per doll if its going to be the new thing. the outfit, meh, My Scene Barbie had that kind of pleather skirt in the early 2000’s don’t like pleather.
    Might get myself a #24 though.

  10. I am not very impressed. :\ Maybe she’ll look better in stock photos/in person, though? (It’s kinda hard to tell what she really looks like from that particular photo)
    I hope she has a good story at least… :P

  11. Ick. I am NOT getting her. She looks really cheap. And besides, her arms have this weird curve to them that is sort of unattractive. Are we reaching a point in AG where they need to clean up their act? Possibly. With Gabby’s unimpressive release and now this, I think the only AG I’ll be buying is the retired stuff off of Ebay. Which stinks.

  12. Honestly? I don’t really like anything about Tenney.
    First of all, AG pulled a Gabriela McBride and re-used a TM doll. I am NOT happy about this. I mean, come on, after creating awesome dolls like Melody and Lea you’d think they would have learned how to create original dolls. But nope, we get #24.
    Secondly, her meet outfit looks like something that would come with a My Life doll. Wait, no, My Life is more appealing than that. I mean, that SHIRT. It almost looks like it’s trying to be a crop top, with that tie-thingy in the front. The jean jacket looks like an attempt to stereotype Nashville. The only thing I’m sort of okay with is that skirt.
    Lastly, her story (the summary leaked if you didn’t know). It’s really generic. She’s a singer/musician and wants to do this thing but her parents won’t let her for some reason. Oh well. What really irks me, though, is that she HAS to be from Nashville. Like, everyone from there isn’t a singer/musician..
    Whew, that was a long comment. (More like a review, lol)

  13. i will only use tenney as the main villain in Pirate TV, it’s a loose version, based on a true story about northern access network.
    tenney will be the controller of a fictionalized version of Northern Access Network.
    this movie is set in Finland, tenney plays a woman who thinks she is going on a business trip to viva las vegas.
    I want to see Logan but I’m not too sure how he’s going to turn out. AG has never made a boy doll before. i am not a fan of tenney’s story, so i am giving tenney a makeover for the movie. i’m turning tenney from a country girl into a wannabe country club girl. AG Is starting to become unoriginal, i think tenney is a peanuts ambassador in my film.

  14. Personally, I think Teeney is cute. However, it doen’t look like AG will be doing anything with her collection. Any leaks on her stuff besides outfits? It would be really cool if she had a guitar set or something.

    • Think she’ll do well. Bad picture there. She’ll be a prettier 24 with extra curl, unusual hands that can be posed, and a story. So far, if leaked clothes hers, love them. Not thrilled with meet outfit ensemble but pieces will make nice mix and match

  15. Yeah ummm, no I planed on getting 24,so I’m probably passing on Tenney, but I might make 24 Tenney and get her clothes. But I probably will get gabby, only because I don’t have 46. But the outfit is just NO! OG does better!

  16. Oh how very sad and dreary Tennysons New meet outfit looks. Does not look like a young girls style and surely not one from the south. The box , the doll, all could be a little more oringal. Especially if they want this doll to stand out as a new line. Something is off besides the outfit and I can’t figure it out. The face mold maybe? The eyes? Maybe she just looks cheap. Ag DROPPED THE BALL BIG TIME ON THIS ONE. Love AG and want to purchase but now not so sure. NOT SURE AT ALL! Thank you for the leaks and clues!

  17. I personally have the Tenney doll, I got her for christmas, She is WAYYYYYY better quality then in this photo. Just place her hair in fabric softener and it’ll be perfect :) Her skirt is made of real leather, her vest is also real denim, and her shirt could be better, but still good. Her shoes are AMAZINGG!!!