Tenney Grant’s Stock Photo Leaked!

Thanks to AG Love on Facebook, we now know what Tenney Grant will look like on AG’s website! :D


Here she is!!

She looks so much different online then the photo of her in the box. To be honest, I love her hair and face. She looks a lot like Isabelle, but has a different color of eyes and a distinctive curl on the left side of her face. From this photo, the face mold they’ve used looks exactly like the classic mold, disproving some the rumors that her face had subtle changes. :) I’m still not a fan of the hands, outfit, and packaging, but I feel AG did a much better job on Tenney then Gabriela. :) I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos of her and read her books.

What are your thoughts? Does this new photo change your opinion about Tenney?

– American Girl Doll Artist


53 comments on “Tenney Grant’s Stock Photo Leaked!

  1. The outfit is still pretty bad, but I think this new photo will cause a different opinion that most have about Tenney! :) Her hair is gorgeous, and I really want to see a close up of her eyes. :D They seem to have a unique hazel brown color. Thank you for sharing!

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. Thanks for posting this! Tenney probably was going to be Goty but maybe they changed there minds last minute or people started begging😋 I wish Tenney had more brown highlights. But she is cute! I’ll have to see more of the doll in more pictures to decide if I want her. Her book cover is awesome and so is her meet outfit! Those ankle boots😍 I actually like her hand molds it’s very unique🙂

  3. While it’s fun to see a doll with a name similar to mine, I think Tenney is visablly lower-quality then previous AG dolls. This isnt a keepsake, just a normal toy! Gabriella makes me feel the same way. It’s so sad.

  4. see u just have to wait and my mom ordered me her joronal and second book the reason not the first is because its coming with tenney and my mom might get the outfit for me

  5. Definitely. When I saw the belipglossed, over-made up, kinky-haired Tenney off of Taobao and the oddly-posed, straight-jacketed Tenney in the box, I was not impressed, but this looks much better. The outfit looks a little better, too. The hands are a little weird, but not too much. If I didn’t already have a blond doll (Issa) then I would consider getting her. :)

  6. Woah! She’s so much prettier on the stock photo! Like, pretty enough to make the Maybe List. But still at the bottom xD Those fingers and outfit bother me. I could care less about the packaging, though. JUST GIMME MY DOLLIE!

  7. Oh my goodness, her face is so cute! Her hair, too… I love it. I actually might buy her just for her head (her hands… no, just no XD) and swap her out with another doll body. My friends in Texas have some AG dolls they no longer play with and I’m going to ask if they will consider selling any of them to me – then I’ll have a body to put Tenney’s head on. :D Thanks so much for sharing this!


  8. I have to agree with everyone’s comments, because she does look more promising away from the box. In the picture above, I like Tenney better, but the quality of her hair, lips and new hand remains to be seen in detail, and there is still the problem of the box. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Is it possible that her wig is Caroline’s wig, just loosened up a bit? From the picture on the book, her hair looks quite curly, and you can kinda make out some curls in her ponytail (as well as the shorter one by her face that is super cute!).

  10. Doesn’t change my opinion because I’m tired of them using the classic face mold. I won’t be getting her, already have too many blonde dolls/classic mold in my collection. Nice for someone perhaps just starting out. Why they won’t revive the Marie-Grace mold is beyond me, I think she would have been adorable with this hair and eye color. Not a fan of the skirt either, it still looks cheap.

  11. Wow! She is SO much cuter in this picture! Yesterday, I didn’t like her as much. Who knew a photo could make a difference?

  12. She’s definitely cute! I like her shoes, though I’m not sure about the overall outfit together. Her book has a nice cover, LOL! She reminds me of the TM doll with brown eyes, blonde hair, and freckles! First impressions, I agree they did better woth Tenney than Gabriela, but time will tell!

    • Like you said, very Isabelle-esque, I guess the low quality seemed like freckles but looking closer I don’t see them, so just Isabelle with brown eyes.

  13. In case you guys wonder why Tenney’s hands look funny, think about how a person holds a guitar. If any of you is a musician, you will know how. I am a musician and I have friends who play the guitar. The hands on the doll were made to let the doll look as if she is playing the guitar. And yes, they do look a bit funny to me too! But, knowing what I know about playing the guitar, this makes sense to me. Although, what makes ME mad, is how they did the typical male chauvinist thing, and gave the drums to LOGAN instead of Tenney. It’s always, girls don’t play drums, and YES THEY DO. Some, like me, go to school and get a college degree in percussion/drumset performance. It’s totally insulting that in this day and age, that people STILL stereotype girls as not being man enough to play the drums. They should have made Tenney the drummer, because now, more girls are becoming drummers and percussionists in all varieties of musical styles. I studied classical percussion and jazz drumming, plus, I learned a bunch of other styles of music as well. I can play more than just jazz and classical, in other words. If a real girl can do that, then why can’t they promote girls playing drums and percussion and have a girl doll play drums and percussion?? If this is supposed to be a modern society, it’s time those stupid stereotypes were gotten rid of. I can name plenty of very well known highly trained girl drummers and classical percussionists who play at the same high level as guys in the field. So, this was a huge mistake to not give Tenney the drumset!!