Truly Me 2016 Holiday Pajamas on Ebay

New American Girl Truly Me holiday outfits are beginning to pop up on Ebay. Today, this new pajama set was leaked.


American Girl hasn’t had penguin pajamas for I think 5 years. I love this , especially the leggings.

I have a weakness for doll pajamas. :D


So cute!


Tay doesn’t know what to think.. she likes the sports jersey look, but not the pink. Maybe she’ll make an exception for Christmas. ;)


She’d probably ditch these booties though. ;) Kaya, on the other hand, would enjoy these!

What do you think of these pajamas?

I just posted Tay’s profile on the “Meet the Dolls” page! Go check it out! :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


13 comments on “Truly Me 2016 Holiday Pajamas on Ebay

  1. These are so adorable! For all the doll clothes I have, I don’t have any pj’s, so I might have to get these. I love penguins! -agforks

  2. So can we buy these? Or are/were they leaked and should be out later? I think Tay should experiment and maybe take a day to get a little girly maybe with some simple makeup *wink* and a simple but, cute outfit. Like a nice skirt or pair of shorts, matched with a cute top. Nothing too crazy or girly, but something simple and cute… I think she should try it, ’cause I think she might look pretty. And her hair would be in braids or a sweet ponytail. But remember! This is a suggestion… Could you bring it up casually or something and see what she thinks?

    • Yes, they will be released late this year. :) I’ll suggest it to her.. Maybe when she’s older. She doesn’t like looking cute anyway. ;) But I do think she’d look pretty, and I’ll probably make her wear pink sometimes. :)

  3. It’s funny- I was just thinking about AG needed a “sporty” pajama set the night before these were leaked! LOL! XD These are super adorable, and you could even use them after Christmas since there aren’t any Christmas-y colors or trees involved. C’mon Tay, you have to get these! AG practically made them for you, well besides the pink, but hey, a little pink never hurt anybody. :P

    -American Girl Doll Crafter