Update on Grace’s Collection + Lea Clark Book 1 Summary

Throughout the year, many items from Grace’s collection have been backordered online for multiple times. I just noticed today that Grace’s Paris Accessories show “No longer available”. Her Sightseeing outfit is backordered until December 15th, and I guess that will be the next thing to go. Also, many of the Williams Sonoma American Girl baking utensils backordered, except for the cookie baking set, which is “No longer available”.

I think Grace is bring American Girl a lot of money to American Girl, maybe even more than Kanani. American girl has also put lots of money into Grace, after they realized how much people liked her, by doing Williams Sonoma cooking classes, baking utensils, a $500 bakery, etc.

I will be sad to see Grace leave. This year flew by. It doesn’t seem like Grace has been here that long! Before we know it, Lea Clark will be here!

Speaking of which, I saw on another blog that the first book for Lea Clark goes something like this:

*When Lea Clark goes to the rainforest with her brother, she can’t wait to see the ocean. Soon, she realizes that she’d rather take a picture of it then swim in it. Can she overcome her fears and dive in?* (in my own words)

Honestly, I don’t think that storyline is very interesting. American Girl has already had an ISU book called “Dive In” so why make another book called “Lea Clark Dives In?” The title totally gives away the ending. I think more girls would rather bake and start their own business than travel to the rainforest.

What are your thoughts about Lea Clark? I’m hoping I don’t like the doll. Kaya and Kanani need more attention. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


10 comments on “Update on Grace’s Collection + Lea Clark Book 1 Summary

  1. I think Lea’s story isn’t very unique, and she’ll be another blonde, which I’m not thrilled about. :( I really wish AG would do something really unique and different for their GOTYs!

  2. I agree with you; I’m hoping I don’t like the doll…. :) I keep telling myself to not like Lea’s collection, but dome of her items are becoming a favorite of mine. ;) I still don’t care for her or her story though. It seems much too similar to Grace. I think that Grace will be a girl of the year that will be remembered for a long time. Her story was so good and it inspired girls to start their own business.

  3. Her story doesn’t sound good at all right now. Hopefully it’ll end up being better! I really liked the first thing I read about her story, about her brother being captured and Lea and her brother’s girlfriend going off together to find him. It sounded way more exciting and different than this does! :/
    Also, I’m sad that Grace is retiring. You’re right, it feels like she’s hardly been around! I’m gonna miss her and her collection… I wish AG would just let her stick around… You know, forever LOL! XD

  4. From the sneak photos I’ve seen and what I’ve read, I doubt I’ll be buying much of Lea’s collection. I think that they should bring Kanani back! I’d buy her in a heartbeat, but not at the Ebay prices. ;)