What I know about the GOTY 2015

Guess what? I know some things about the GOTY 2015! No, I don’t have any pictures. :( I do know the basic story line of her first book! She will have 3. I don’t know the girl’s name or what she looks like. Catlover02 is hoping she will have dark skin, since she only has one dark-skinned doll (Jessica).

Book 1: GOTY 2015 is going to Paris with her mom! But she can’t get along with her  cousin there, and her friends back home have started a business without her!

Sounds like an exciting story! I can’t wait to read the books, and this GOTY is special because no other GOTY has gone to another country (except Jess, I think.).

What do you think she will look like? I think she might have black hair, medium dark skin, and dark eyes. This is just a guess. I guessed black hair, because they haven’t had black hair for 5 years and medium dark skin, because they’ve had light skin for 3 years in a row.

I will tell everyone if I find a picture!

Jamie is also super excited because she has always wanted to go to Paris and go to a fashion show. She hopes that GOTY 2015 will have lots of fashionable clothes!

– American Girl Doll Artist :)



12 comments on “What I know about the GOTY 2015

  1. I hope she has red hair. or dark curly hair!!!! I already want to get her!!!!! I think it would be nice if she looked like saige or kanani!!

  2. Which website did you find this on? I don’t think A.G. will have a dark skinned doll of the year because that’s there big doll of the year and dark skinned dolls don’t sell well.( there’s a BIG debate about that) They may do a doll with light mediam skin though.( I’ve heard those don’t sell to good) I know the code name for GOTY 2015 is COCO.