A Piece of Cake, Anyone?

Well, after much planning, I decided to create a doll cake. I was surprised I even thought of doing it. O.o

I have always been afraid of wasting clay, so I try to save every little scrap and make sure nothing gets mixed and ruined. A cake seemed like too much clay, and if I messed up on it, well, let’s just say a cake doesn’t exactly use a little clay.

I looked up a few tutorials, (They were for mini, mini cakes, much smaller that AG doll cakes would be) and it looked pretty easy. Easy as pie. Or cake. XD

Ok, ok! :) Here is the whole cake.


It only took me about an hour and a half to create it, bake it and glaze it. If I hadn’t had the white frosting pre-made, it would have taken a little longer.

I have more pictures for the Etsy listing. Grace and Pippa were chosen to pose with it, and I secretly think they sneaked a few licks of frosting. :)




What do you guys think? :D

– Catlover02

LINK to the cake listing.


31 comments on “A Piece of Cake, Anyone?

  1. Everybody is saying their dolls would love to eat it, but in this comment I’m the one who wants to eat it! I looks sooooo good :) Also Pippa looks really cute in those colors :)

  2. I’ve made a few little pieces–cookies, ice cream sandwiches and similar kinds of things. I use Model Magic and I hate trying to figure out what colors to combine to get the color I want without wasting a bunch.