Coloring Page Sneak Peeks – January 2016

2016! That feels strange to write! Anyway, I haven’t released any coloring pages lately – but I’ve been busy! Here are some sneak peeks to tide you guys over until I release almost 10 new coloring pages in Peppermint Pursuits!






I am most excited for the Lea Clark coloring pages! They’ve been really fun to draw. :)

And who would love a photo of a kitten?


Catlover02 took this photo. :) Don’t be fooled by Chia Pudding’s  cuteness. He is actually very naughty… >:)

Here is picture of my place at the table.


It looks like I’ve managed to collect 5 AG catalogs ( 3 Lea Clark ones)!

Trust me, that’s when I haven’t started working – it can get a lot messier. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


13 comments on “Coloring Page Sneak Peeks – January 2016

  1. You are so lucky that you were born with the talent of drawing! I’m decent at drawing cartoon-ey characters, but when it come to detail and perspective you drawings are GORGEOUS! I’m exited for the Lea Clark swimming drawing!

  2. Wow, you’ve been hard at work! That last one with Julie looks super cool – me and my sisters love your coloring pages! :)