New Items on Peppermint Pursuits! – August 2015

There are a few new items in our Etsy shop:

Doll Afternoon Snack Set By Catlover02

Grace Thomas Inspired Bakery Treats By Catlover02

Custom Handmade American Girl Doll Coloring Pages By American Girl Doll Artist

Have a great time checking them out!


Catlover02 About Catlover02

Hi, I'm Catlover02! I'm love setting up scenes, photographing American Girl dolls, and blogging. You can also find me on Instagram as! I also love creating extra-realistic clay food, perfectly doll-sized, for our Etsy shop, Peppermint Pursuits.


  1. Wow, they look great! Great idea for custom coloring pages. I wish I had an etsy shop. 🙂 It looks like so much fun! Good job and I can’t wait to see more new items!

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