Bethany’s Rainy Day Photoshoot

Hi, everyone, this is Bethany. I am excited to show the awesome pictures from a photo-shoot I went on today. I also got to wear my new jacket and boots. Who doesn’t like wearing new clothes? The boots and jacket fit me perfectly, of course. (That’s because I just bought them the day before, and they were the, One Size fits All, type of clothes. You know how it is with American Girl dolls. All outfits fit me! That’s one on the advantages of being a doll.)

I headed outside and was surprised at how cool it was. It had been really hot lately, and I liked the wind blowing on my face. I saw lots of cool things and the photographer took lots of pictures.










Well folks, that’s it. I tried to persuade the photographer to take more, but it started sprinkling and she wanted to seek shelter before it started to pour. Oh, well. I can always make her take some more tomorrow.

If your wondering where I got the tomato, it’s from a farmers market I saw along the road. The farmer was so amazed by my outfit, he gave me a free tomato! I’ll probably eat it in my sandwich for lunch. Yummy!

– Bethany and Catlover02


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