Darica, a Fall Princess – A Photoshoot

I had a little trouble with these photos. I was in the shade so they were really dark for some reason, but I touched them up. I hope you like them!




I lightened up her eyes in this photo. I like the effect. :)


American Girl has used this material a LOT of times… I wonder what’s up. The shoes are super cute though. I love the bows!



This is one of my favorites.


Here’s the flower clip that comes with the Gorgeous Gold dress. I think it really pops against Darica’s red hair.


Thanks for looking! Which one is your favorite?

— American Girl Doll Artist


33 comments on “Darica, a Fall Princess – A Photoshoot

  1. I like the last photo the best. You are killing my resistance to buying this dress, my gosh is it pretty. Your photos are so much better than the AG ones of it.

  2. Wow, beautiful photos! she looks so pretty, and I love that outfit. I think my favorites are the first and last photos. :)

    • I think it depends on how stiff their legs are. My Kaya has really wobbly legs so I don’t do many photoshoots with her. But I just tip the doll’s body back or forward for them to balance. In the grass, it’s harder because usually the ground is uneven.

  3. A photo tip for you from a portrait photographer (me)… use your flash in shade. You will have to force the flash (pop up on a DSLR, or turn on in settings). If you can deal down the flash strength, that’s even better. You can also use a reflector — a piece of white cardstock, a car shade, a piece of foil. The trick is to angle it to reflect the sunlight back into the face.