Grace and Bonbon: Best Friends

This morning, the weather was really nice. Perfect for a photo-shoot. Grace is my prettiest doll and it was really cold when I got her, so this was my chance. Here are some of the photos. She is wearing the store-exclusive purchase with a purchase outfit. It is really sweet and the colors match Grace’s collection so well.





Grace’s charm bracelet is super pretty and goes well with lots of outfits. The bracelet is like part of her personality.


I absolutely LOVE the cheetah print! The sequins are securely sewed on and add a nice touch of glamour.




Back to Bonbon. She is so sweet and, as the title states, is Grace’s best friend.


One of the things that makes Bonbon unique is her black silk bow. It must admit, it’s cute, but it doesn’t look very natural and I wish it was removable.





That’s it! The last picture is my favorite, because it looks so real. Grace is a super beautiful doll and she has lots of character.


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  1. Cute pictures! I love that dress and Grace looks great in it!:) That last picture is so realistic!:)

  2. Cute! I really want grace and bonbon!

  3. Queen Lucy the Valient says

    I forgot that both you and AG Doll Artist both have Grace! great post!

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