Inspiration Strikes!

Sup peeps? IT’S TAY!



I bet you couldn’t tell it was me, could you? That’s because today, I’m playing Z!

Normally, I totally would NOT do this. But since Z’s release, I’ve just been feeling so inspired to go outside and take photos. Since I was in the mood, I thought I’d dress the part too. DO NOT think this will be the norm from now on. Because it won’t. Frilly skirts are totally NOT my style.

Anyway, cosplaying Z, which means, dressing like her, is a lot of fun! :D I’m wearing things I don’t normally wear, and I’m kinda proud of myself! Plus I think the glasses make me look smart. ;)


It was really rainy and yucky outside on Thursday, just like it is in Seattle, where Z lives! Lea let me borrow her camera (which she made me promise to take good care of) and I took it outside to shoot a few pics of Confetti, the dog from down the street. My pics were SUPER BAD,  but hopefully I can improve!


Boy, Confetti is FAST!! A few times he got away from me and bolted down the sidewalk. I had to chase after him. Good thing I’m used to running from all my sports. 😂


To be honest, I think I’ve picked up a new hobby. Taking photos and vlogging is a lot of fun, I’ve discovered! It’s possible you may see me on our YouTube channel more often! :D The only downside of all this is that I am the laughing-stock of all my sisters. Jamie seems to think this whole inspiration stuff is over-the-top funny (which it totally isn’t) of course, after what I did to her when Gabriela came out. Ah, well. XD Maybe some of her favorite clothing accessories will happen to go missing.

Anyway, I want to hear from you guys! How have you been inspired by Z? Have you found any new hobbies recently? 🎬

– Tay ⚽️

My outfit:

Beanie – AG Truly Me Trail Accessories

Glasses – AG Turquoise Glasses

Jacket – My AG True Spirit Accessories

Top – AG Truly Me Dream Pajamas

Skirt – AG Truly Me Shimmer Doodle Outfit

Leggings – AG Mix and Match Leggings Set

Shoes – AG Sparkle Sneakers



33 comments on “Inspiration Strikes!

  1. I’ve been inspired by Z, and I’m totally getting her camera set for my new doll! I got to see her in person yesterday, and she’s pretty dang cute. The permapanties, though… 😬


  2. Aww Tay you look so cu- I mean you look like Z! Good job on the cosplay! And cool photos! I hope Tay doesn’t kill me for almost saying she’s cute. ;)
    ~Katherine 📽 📸

  3. Tay…I never thought I’d see the words ‘sparkle’ and ‘shimmer’ in a post with you. Are you losing your edge, girl?
    I’m the same way, that’s why I’m asking.
    Nice photos!

  4. Tay looks cute….I probably shouldn’t have said that.

    I keep having to mentally slap myself in order to not call Tay Taylor Swift.

  5. Love your cosplay outfit! You really look like Z. You should be her for Halloween or something. If they had an AG Com you’d be all set to go.

    I like your regular style better, though. It’s okay to cosplay now and then. Who else could you do?

  6. Cute! I like Z’s style too! I thought I was going to get Z until I watched some YT videos. Her hair apparently is thin, the permapanties are terrible they make her bottom flat, her eyes are barely painted, and it seems like every doll has a right part😉 Plus she hasn’t really go positive reviews. So, number 64 it is!😄 She’s cute(Sorry Tay😜) and she’s better quality! Oh, and I love the name Confetti!
    – Kiki
    Ps: What is your favorite piece in Z’s collection?