Mini Grace Photoshoot

Grace had been saving up for a new doll for a long time, and on a trip to Barnes and Noble, I bought Mini Grace for her. I wish I could have taken a picture of Grace when she opened her new doll, because she was so excited. Grace has still been taking awesome care of her new doll and loves her very much. Before I gave Mini Grace to Grace, I took her on a small photo-shoot. I think she is super pretty and I love her tiny little french braid. Overall, she is a super adorable doll.





I think the only negative part of her is that her skirt is connected to her shirt. While is makes for quick undressing, it doesn’t look like the outfit for the 18″ dolls.






I think that the plastic bodies are better that the cloth ones. First, they don’t look as fat. Second, they hold positions better and lastly, it also helps them stand up better. Some of the features that make Mini Grace unique are her scattered freckles and her mini side bangs. Her face gives a look of mischief, but you can see in her eyes that she is very sweet.


(American Girl Doll Artist and I decided a while ago that our mini dolls would not be, ‘alive’ anymore. They would just be dolls for the big dolls)


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