Summer in the City ~ A Photoshoot

Happy Monday! The weather was so nice yesterday, I couldn’t resist taking Amaya and Nanea on a small photoshoot in their adorable summery attire! 😊



It took more than a few tries to get each photo… the wind was a little crazy! I have to admit I got frustrated when Nanea kept blowing over into the water! 😱



Thankfully, she’s alright now. 🙂 Her hair just got a little misted.




This was one of the rare occasions I photographed my dolls in public, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t get at least a few confused stares… 😂😂

Hope you enjoyed, and have a lovely afternoon! ❤️

– Catlover02


P.S. Have any of you looked at the new releases today? I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked almost everything! Some of my favorites are Kit’s Gardening Outfit, Nanea’s Luau Outfit, the X-box Gaming Set (seriously, that thing’s awesome), and TM #79.

Do you have any favorites?

P.P.S It’s National Splurge Day. I wonder if AG knew that…. 😂😝


45 comments on “Summer in the City ~ A Photoshoot

  1. These photos are gorgeous! I especially love the last two. Keep up the good work! Oh my gosh. I hate getting wierd looks when I’m trying to take photos in public. One time a couple walked past me and started hysterically laughing. No kidding. 😒 Anyways.
    I think my favorites from the new release are TM #79 the 3 in 1 gaming table, and Luciana’s new dress.
    Have a great day/night!
    P.S. Are you planning on getting Luciana? I can’t remember if you ever said if you wanted to or not. (And I’m too lazy to go look😂)

    • Thank you! Ahh, that sounds horrible! 😅 Thankfully nothing like that happened. Ooh, yeah, the 3 in 1 gaming table it amazing! Definitely another favorite!
      My little sister wants to get Luciana, but it might take a while for her to save up. :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE your photos! They are so amazing! For the AG release, I liked what you said you liked. Everything else was a little boring to me. I really like #79 a lot too. If I could get another doll, it would have to be her. Again, awesome photos!

  3. Cute! These pictures are making me want Nanea so bad. The next doll I’m getting is Willa, so it’ll take me a while to get Nanea.

  4. Great job, Catlover02! Nanea is such a beautiful doll 😍 I’m not brave enough to photograph my dolls in public yet 😜
    Ps: I just followed you on Instagram!

  5. Fabulous photo shoot! All the photos are wonderful. I completely understand the frustration of a shoot on a breezy day! ARGH!

    I did like a lot of the releases today. Was not surprised the car is already backordered.

  6. Hey Catlover02! I just wanted to ask you a quick question- do you tell your friends about your dolls? Or does americangirldollartist’s friends know? I’m getting older and I still love dolls but I feel like it’s kinda hard to tell my friends. Btw, I love your blog! Thanks!