Isabelle and Tutu Photoshoot

Since I got my Doll Photoshoot book, I have been reading it a lot! The pictures are amazing, and it has lots of good ideas for projects. It gave me some tips on good lighting. You should have 3 lights. A main light, a fill light and a backlight. The main light can be from a window, shining on your doll’s face. The backlight can be behind or above your doll. The fill light is to make sure the main light doesn’t make too many shadows, so it should be on the side opposite of the one with the main light.

Here are some pictures I took. There was so much white, I had to use the snow setting on my camera. Next time I will use more color.

I took all these pictures in my mom’s bathroom. All of the light is natural. It came from lots of windows.








-American Girl Doll Artist



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  1. They look Professional. My dolls are envious…. I had better do a Doll Photo shoot some time and maybe send you some of the results. ( 3