Isabelle’s Mix and Match Pieces Part 2

Hello, I’m back, and today I will review some of my mix and match pieces. This time, I’ll do my cream leotard and coral sweater.


First, let’s start with the coral sweater. The sweater is very broad at the top. The sleeves are sewn on.


The seam of the sweater is at an angle.


I love this piece, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t know why they decided to make that Isabelle tag on it, maybe because if someone bought it and forgot which doll it belonged to, they would know. I don’t really care about it; it’s okay.

I rate this piece 4.9 stars out of 5. Just be careful not to snag it. ;)



Now, for my leotard. My leotard fits very well, and it’s cream-colored. It has a V-neck, with a little ruffle like thing on my chest.


The flower is more golden, like a darker cream. This adds a nice accent. I really like the flower. It’s pretty and is firmed secured.

Do you see that little hole and string near the top of the leotard? Mom accidentally ripped the seam when trying to put the leotard on Kaya. She has to be a lot more careful with it now.

I rate this piece 4.5 stars out of 5. I am disappointed that the seam ripped. Mom said it ripped after only a week. Oh well, I like this leotard and it has many beautiful mix and match possibilities!


The skirt is from a very VERY old 2 in 1 ballet set from American girl. Well, it’s not that old, like 5 or 6 years.


These are my favorite leg warmers. I was surprised that the coral ones are larger than the silver leg warmers. They go with any ballet outfit, and are very beautiful. They are also well made. These leg warmers are 5 stars out of 5.  I love them!

The ballet slippers are from the same set as the skirt.

Bonus photos!


Aren’t her eyes gorgeous?

I love my mix and match pieces. American Girl needs to make more for My AG dolls. They would be a hit!

Get your mix and match pieces before they’re gone! Isabelle’s funky leggings are already sold out. I think they are going fast. Tons of Isabelle’s other clothes are backordered as well.


Izzy <3












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