Meet Jess and Gabriel!

Hey guys! I have some really exciting news – there are two new additions to the SDBW fam and I’d love for you all to meet them!!


Meet Jess and Gabriel (and Milo the dog of course)!


Earlier this year I took a trip to Arizona with my mom. She was getting some cancer treatments (you can read more about it HERE) and needed some help getting around and carrying things. I went down and stayed with her for about 6 weeks. Even though some times were tough, I really enjoyed going and don’t regret it in the least. I’ll be reminding myself of that as I do school over the summer. *cough cough* XD

Anyways, my mom and I went to the AG store in Scottsdale several times. The first time I went was with my mom and dad. I was super hyped because I had my eye on Truly Me #56, also known as Alexis from the Innerstar University books. I also really wanted to check out the new boy dolls, and buy the blonde one as a twin for #56. When we arrived, I discovered Truly Me #56, who I had been planning to name “Cleo,” was sold out at the store. While I was disappointed, I was still excited to be visiting the Scottsdale store for the first time and decided to check out the other dolls.


Here’s me at the store! :D It was so cool to see Luciana, Nanea and all the new products in person!


The blonde TM boy doll didn’t look as cute to me in person as I had hoped. My mom had really taken a liking to Truly Me #76, or Gabe as I call him. She said, “I think this boy doll is the cutest. If you buy him, I’ll buy the boy accessories for you (the hoodie, headphones, backpack, etc.).” Now, TM #76 was the new boy doll I liked the LEAST. I wasn’t even considering buying him. But it was a good offer!! I was torn. After a few minutes, I decided that he might be worth a look, so I opened a few doll boxes to see if I clicked with any of them.  And I did!! I found one with a sweet smile, a good hair flip, and I bought him. XD I have no regrets.  He was and is adorable. I was legit so excited as we left.. and I didn’t even buy any of the dolls I had wanted to! XD

After I bought Gabe, I had to figure out his name. I hadn’t really considered many boy names, but one of the first ones I thought of was Gabriel.

Okay, so, Jess and Gabriel Conte are my favorite Youtubers ever. Gabe is hilarious and Jess is so sweet, they make a great team. I absolutely love their Instagrams and Youtube channels, especially their vlogs.

After I thought of the name Gabriel, I noticed my doll and Gabriel Conte DID look a little similar!!  IT WAS MEANT TO BE  *dabs the ultimate dab*

I immediately planning all these shoots to do when I got back home.. having a boy doll is honestly so much fun! There are so many photoshoot and story possibilities, it’s awesome. Not that having girl dolls is boring, but having a boy doll sure can give you a new perspective! :D

After a few days of having Gabriel, I started to realize he was going to be lonely. Gabe already had Milo.. all he was missing was Jess. So I looked up all the Truly Me dolls on the American Girl website to see if any looked similar. Some of them looked more like Jess than others, but I finally settled on Truly Me 55. To me, this doll has been THE DOLL that almost any stop-motioner or blogger has. I’m pretty sure she is one of the most popular. Anyways, I had always viewed this green-eyed freckled beauty as kind of common, and overused. There wasn’t really anything special about her to me, so she never caught my eye before. However, now she did.


So, on my next visit to the American Girl store, Jess Conte was added to the SDBW fam. :D

Funny thing is, my mom and I went to the store and searched for Truly Me 55. We couldn’t find any. Then we asked the employees (who were super nice and knew about #agig [kudos to them]) for some help, and they told us she was sold out. Confused, I went back and looked through the shelves once more, and found one last Truly Me 55 doll on the shelf. I took off the lid to check her out and discovered she had a dreaded case of permapanties!! *gasp* But as I looked into her eyes and saw how sweet her face was, I knew I couldn’t leave her behind.

I’m a softie. XD


I now look back and think, how did I ever see this doll as plain?! I mean, she is gorgeous!! No wonder so many girls have her.

The striped dress Jess is wearing is one I made for her inspired by one the real Jess Conte actually wore! I think it’s super cute and hopefully I’ll be able to make some for the shop this summer!



So that is the story of how Jess and Gabriel became part of my doll family. :) Do you ship Jess and Gabriel as much as I do? Which Truly Me boy doll is your favorite?

– Dara (AG Doll Artist)

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53 comments on “Meet Jess and Gabriel!

  1. Aww, they are literally SO cute. And Jess’s dress is really cute too. Where did you get Gabriel’s outfit from?
    Question: is your mom doing any better? (If it’s too personal I understand you don’t have to answer) I’ve been praying for her though.❤️🙏
    And, you look so pretty in that picture! I wish I was as pretty as you.
    That’s too bad Jess has the permapanties, I got #58 for my birthday and she had the permapanties. ):
    Erm, I think my favorite of the boy dolls is probably #76!
    Sorry this comment is so long, lol. 😂

    • Thanks Katherine!! Gabriel’s top was from Closet for Chloe on Etsy and his pants were as well.
      She actually is doing better! Her tumors have shrunk quite a bit and her body is stronger so it’s very encouraging!
      Aww, I’m sure you are just as pretty as me! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 😘😘
      Yeah, the permapanties kinda stink! But I can live with it. 😃
      You’re good! I love long comments, lol! 😂❤️

      • Oh my gosh, I took forever to see this comment,😂
        Thanks! I’ll have to check out their etsy.
        That’s Awesome! I’m so glad she’s doing better.
        Haha, thanks. ❤️
        The one good thing that’ll probably come out of the permapanties is the resale value. They were only out for a short time, so maybe they’ll be more expensive? Not sure though.
        Haha, ok good.
        Have a great day!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I’m glad you and your mom had a bright spot in your trip. Can’t wait to see what new adventures await with Jess & Gabe!
    <3 , IrishAG

  3. OMGosh I need #76! I’ve been looking at him since the boy dolls came out. Plus I have #55! Welcome Jess and Gabriel!

  4. Awww, such a sweet story! And you’re right; TM #55 does seem to be one of the most popular AG dolls ever. So many girls have her, including me, haha! There’s just something so cute and enchanting about her hazel eyes and freckles. :)

  5. Congratulations! I am so happy you were flexible in your choices and could see possibility! Especially with Gabe. You and your mom will always have a special memory to share with him.

    How is your mom doing? (Continuing to pray for her and your family.)

    • Thanks a ton Xyra! We sure will. My mom is improving with each treatment and it’s very encouraging! 😊❤️ Her tumors have shrunk immensely and her body is stronger. Thanks for asking!

  6. THIS IS SO CUTE!!! Your photos are AMAZINGGGGG! I’ve been a bit out of the loop with AG, and I had no clue they had boy dolls now! Gabriel is such a cutie!

  7. Welcome, Jess and Gabriel! Jess is so cute! If I knew you were in Arizona, I would’ve came! I live close to Arizona. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, I’ll be praying for her! How is she doing so far?

  8. Jess is sooo cute! Gabriel is definitely the cutest out of all the boy dolls. I hope your mom gets better soon! I’ll continue praying for your mom and your family.