Photo Tips: Backdrops

Do you take your dolls pictures up against a neutral colored wall? Here are some ways to change up your background!

If you want some excitement in your background, you can use a roll of wrapping paper to make a background. You can tape the ends on something high, like a table, and let the tube roll to the ground. This is what I used on these pictures:

I used a more neutral kind on this picture.



I used a more colorful paper on this one. I think the type you use depends on the purpose of the photoshoot. If you are focusing on the the clothing, I would choose a more neutral patterned one. If you are focusing on the doll, and the photoshoot has a playful feel to it, I would use a less patterned, but more colorful one. It’s up to you which ones to use!

Show us your doll photography! Send it to us at agdollartist@! Have fun!

I noticed my photography has gotten better. Look at the top picture. It doesn’t have even lighting. The bottom one has the light almost evenly spread over Grace’s face. Remember, if your pictures don’t turn out the way you’d hoped, keep practicing. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

– American Girl Doll Artist + Photographer


9 comments on “Photo Tips: Backdrops

  1. I love your tips! Have you thought about doing some light studies and sharing the results? I use to use a desk lamp (think Pixar) for great lightening but they’ve changed the entire worlds light bulbs since then! I agree that natural lighting is best put sometimes, completely unpractical. I’m wondering what else might be done…(thanks for another great post)

  2. Do you have any tips for taking photos of dark-eyed dolls. (Like brown, hazel and even dark-blue) in my photos they all look like they have no eyes! I have no problem with light-blue and grey eyes. It’s just the dark ones.

  3. Thanks for the advice. The background of a photo may be an important aspect, too. Sometimes I like to take a picture of a scene, such as the dolls in their room. In this type of situation, the busy background is important. In the case of a doll in a bedroom, a “big picture” view is necessary. If you’re taking pictures for a photoshoot, though, I’d say it’s best to have a less busy background.