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Spring jumped up and down. “Guys! The plane’s here! Pippa should be here any moment!” She pointed out the airport lounge’s giant window. A passenger jet had just flown in a few seconds ago.


Grace looked out the window and glanced at the plane worriedly. She’d never greeted a new sister before, since she was the youngest, and was wondering if Pippa would like her.

Bethany sat on the window seat and leaned on the glass pane.  “I heard Pippa likes to pull pranks on people.” She smiled sweetly at Jessica, “How is that gonna’ be? You’ll have me, times two!”


Jessica quickly shut the magazine she was flipping through. “Oh, good grief. I think I have a headache now.” Bethany grinned and turned back to the window. The passengers were exiting the plane now and heading for the lobby doors.


“Do you see Pippa?” Grace asked.

Spring sighed, “Nope, just lots of other girls. Ooh! They’re heading towards the baggage claim! We should meet there.” She started to walk over.


“Wait!” Grace called out. “There will probably be lots of other girls there, so we’ll have to wait until the crowd thins out.” Spring glanced over at the baggage claim and nodded. The girls were swarming around it like bees. The truth was, Grace wanted to stall meeting Pippa, but she knew it would come sooner or later.

The sisters were all expectantly watching the baggage claim area for Pippa to appear and walk towards them, but she didn’t. The crowd of girls soon cleared out and only one girl was left, frantically watching the belt.


“I think that girl needs some help.” Josefina whispered, walking over to her. The girl didn’t notice Josefina come up behind her and jumped when she spoke. “Hi. Are you missing something?”


The girl’s tone was high with distress, “Yes, actually. I can’t find my violin! I think someone must have stolen it.”


Josefina pointed next to the girl’s feet. There sat the violin case. Her cheeks reddened and she picked up the case. “Thank you. I guess it must be my nerves.” She smiled “My name’s Pippa Clark.” She extended her hand.


“Pleased to – “ Josefina’s hand froze. “Hey! You’re the girl we’re supposed to meet here!”

“We?” Pippa looked confused.

Josefina pulled Pippa over to her sisters. “Girls, this is Pippa.”



“Hi.” Pippa waved uncertainly. “I’m going to be staying with you, right?”

Spring smiled, “Even better, you’re going to be our sister!”


Pippa had to set down her violin case. She tucked a piece of her way hair behind her ear. “Sister? Nobody told me… I mean… That’s awesome, but I totally wasn’t expecting that.” She blushed, “So I’m going to be your sister, huh?” She laughed softly to herself. “That’s a nice surprise.”

They all introduced themselves. Bethany, Josefina, Jessica, Spring and Grace. They all looked extremely different, yet they looked like they belonged together.

“By the way, you play the violin?” Grace spoke up, getting over her worry.

“Yeah.” Pippa replied. “It’s one of the only things I have from my parents.”

Pippa looked a little sad, so Grace decided not to ask any questions about her old life.

“Nice hair.” Jessica commented, pretending to be unimpressed. In actuality, she was already planning a trip to the salon to get her hair styled just like Pippa’s.

“Thank you.” Pippa said politely.

Grace wheeled Pippa’s suitcase towards the door. “We’d better get going. It’s going to rain soon.”

They all looked up at the sky and, sure enough, the dark clouds looked ready to burst. They hurriedly raced out of the airport towards home.


They lived only a couple blocks away, so it only took them a few minutes.

Grace opened the front door and with a flourishing hand gesture, announced,  “Welcome home, Pippa!”


They all filed inside, eager to get away from the stormy weather. “Pippa, the bedroom is this way.” Bethany called, pointing to the right. “You can unpack in there.”

“Wait, Pippa!” Spring put a hand on her shoulder. “We got something for you.” She nodded her head towards a gift bag on the table.


Pippa gasped. “Oh, you really didn’t have to.” She looked a little embarrassed to have all of her new sisters watching her, but she opened up the present and took out the gift wrapped in layers of white tissue paper.


It was a beautiful blue camera with a tribal orange and gold pattern on the strap.


The lens was crystal clear and when Pippa looked into it, she found that she was crying. She quickly sniffed and wiped away the tears. She didn’t want the other girls to think that she didn’t like it, because she felt exactly the opposite. She loved it.


Pippa hugged all of her new sisters, one at a time, while whispered, ‘thank you’, as many times as she could manage.


Then she backed up, and took a picture of her new sisters. It was a perfect moment. The moment she knew she would have a home.




In this post, American Girl Doll Artist briefly mentions that I was saving my money. And with that money, I was able to buy Lea, but as you read in the story, I have renamed her Pippa.

I wanted to pick out a unique Lea doll, and Pippa was perfect. She didn’t look too determined. I was going for more of “sweet and innocent” looking Lea. Oh, and Pippa has just the most ADORABLE head tilt I’ve ever seen. You’ll probably notice it more when I do a photoshoot of her, after the clouds relocate. *glares at the clouds*

So, yeah. Please welcome Pippa to the blog. :)


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27 comments on “Pippa – A Photostory

  1. Pippa is such a cute name! You did a good job of picking a nice looking Lea doll. :) Congrats!
    <3 , IrishAG
    P.S. Pippa's profile is great! I love star wars and BB-8 too! :D

  2. Awesome story! Pippa is so cute! My favorite part is when Jessica is thinking how she’s going to go to the salon and get her hair styled liked Pippa’s. :) Welcome to the blog, Pippa! Have fun in your new home. ;)

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  3. Congratulations Catlover02!!!! Pippa seems like the perfect name for her!!!!Pippa is os so cute!!! I love her profile picture!!!

  4. Congratulations! Welcome to the family, Pippa!

    So glad to hear yours has a head tilt too. I thought my Lea was the only one. :)

    Looking forward to more adventures from the crew. Love the photos in this story.