Girls of the Year Quiz

How well do you know the Girls of the Year? Take this quiz to find out!

What was your score? Tell us in the comments!

– American girl Doll Artist

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16 comments on “Girls of the Year Quiz

  1. I scorde 80%! I should’ve gotten the number of GOTYs right, but I must have miscounted. And I don’t know the prices of items, so I got that question wrong. But I knew everything else! :)


  2. I came up with an idea on how to make the bakery! I am going to use the huge cardboard peices you get at the store for a school project. I am not sure what it’s called, a project board maybe?

  3. I got 60%. I thought I knew more about GOTYs, heehe. I got the order of dolls wrong, and I thought 16 had been made so far.I didn’t know the prices, either, but I got everything else right! This is fun!