Instore Report – Lea Debut Photos from Charlotte

Kittymeow went to Lea’s debut at the AG store in Charlotte and sent me some photos to share with you guys!


Lea’s swim collection. (Uh-oh, the turtle looks like it’s going to try out the kayak!)


Looks like the sea turtle was a big hit at the Charlotte store! I see the sign “Temporarily Out of Stock: Sea Turtle.” The sea turtle is my favorite animal so I can see why it was out of stock. ;)


Lea looks so pretty in her exclusive beach dress! But she also looks a little lonely in that display all by herself! ;)


Lea’s hiking outfit and accessories.


One of the Lea Clark signs in the store.


Lea’s hut! I can’t wait until I go to the store this year and get to see it in person! It looks huge!

Thanks for the photos Kittymeow! :)

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. Don’t forget to send in a photo of your finished Lea Clark coloring page – I’m going to feature all of them in a post soon!


4 comments on “Instore Report – Lea Debut Photos from Charlotte

  1. Wow that sea turtle sold out quick! I bought all three of Lea’s animals and my favorite is her sloth. I love how it can hang on to her arm.