Book Review: Blaire

Happy New Year everybody! As you all know, the celebration for the start of a new year definitely wouldn’t be complete without the new GOTY from American Girl!! And I have to say… this year did not disappoint.

We got the catalog over here a few days early and I absolutely fell in love with party-planning, animal-loving Blaire Wilson! My little sister got her two books for her birthday on January 7th and I immediately wanted to read them after her. (#noshame) I quickly got through both of them so I wanted to do a little review!


“Blaire” was written by Jennifer Castle with illustrations by Judit Mallol. I kinda geeked out about this when I heard, she’s one of my favorite artists, haha!

*contains minor spoilers*

Things I liked:

  • Blaire’s food allergy. Oh my gosh, I was so happy when I heard about this on Instagram and even more excited when I read the books. Blaire finds out she has a dairy allergy, or lactose intolerance, early on in the book and struggles getting used to her new normal. Feeling awkward at her friend’s birthday party is something I totally relate to, having multiple food allergies, and it just made me so happy to know people felt the same way. My youngest sister Demi, who’s the same age as Blaire, said multiple times throughout the book “This is SO realistic!” because she related to Blaire so much. It made me so proud and happy that AG is including those who feel excluded and acknowledging them even when they feel out-of-place because they can’t eat the same way as everyone else.
  • I really loved how close Blaire’s family was. A lot of stories from AG are of girls with separated families, which are definitely important to include, but I think stories with family values in them set great examples. I’ve really come to treasure my family more since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer so reading about Blaire cooking with her mom, spending time with her brother and talking to her grandpa were really encouraging to read.
  • Blaire and Thea’s friendship! Thea spilled the beans about Blaire’s dairy allergy early on in the book and they both pulled away from their friendship as the book progressed. They ended up talking things out near the end, sharing both sides of the story. I know the plot of having friends fight is a little overused but I think Jennifer Castle did it in a realistic way that it didn’t seem boring!
  • The Bed and Breakfast – oh my goodness I think I need Blaire’s big family restaurant for my dolls now!! I loved the set before but the descriptive words and stories about the farm really made it real for me and I’m in love.
  • Cat’s relationship with Blaire. It was so sweet to see Cat’s connection with Blaire even though Cat was 28 (I think?). Having a big sister role in the book was really special especially when Blaire helped with the proposal of Cat’s boyfriend and their wedding!


Thinks I disliked:

  • Dash the goat was adorable in the books, but I’m a little disappointed they didn’t include him in Blaire’s collection! Maybe he’ll be added in a summer release?
  • Blaire spent a LOT of time of her tablet and social media.. I’m not sure if this is the new norm but it felt unrealistic and a little inappropriate for the target age range.
  • Blaire helps plan Cat’s wedding throughout the book and is put in charge of quite a few things, including the proposal, the wedding decor, and communicating with Cat’s mother-in-law… It seemed a little unrelatable, even to me as a 17-year-old. Blaire ends up getting quite stressed out, as you can imagine!
  • The book moved a tad slow and I was a bit bored at times. But, I’m not the target age range, so.. *shrugs*

Additional comments by Demi:

“Umm.. it’s realistic? I dunno!”

Lol she’s so cute.

All in all, “Blaire” was a good read! I’m not sure I’d read it again, but I can tell my younger sisters will enjoy it multiple times! A solid 4 stars out of 5.

What’s your favorite item from Blaire Wilson’s collection? Let me know in the comments below!

– AG Doll Artist (Dara)


24 comments on “Book Review: Blaire

  1. Awesome book review! It’s crazy that now 9 year olds have social media! I don’t think they should even have a phone at that age. Well, as long as it’s a good book! I’m proud of myself. I was a party planner before Blarie Willson! LOL :P

  2. So good to hear from you again!! Thank you for the review of the book😊 you did a really good job on it. Blaire’s overalls are definitely my favorite in her collection (I feel like it’s everyone favorite though XD) and I hope to get Blaire when I go to the ag store. What’s your favorite in her collection? Are you getting Blaire?
    Oh! And I thought I’d tell you- I got an agig, my user is agcappuccino. (Totally not self- promotion😂)
    ~Katherine 🐷

  3. It seems a little unrealistic to me that Blaire would HAVE a social media due to the fact that she is sooo young, about the age of ten or eleven to be exact.

    I agree about the food allergy, I’m glad that AG made a doll that has a food allergy

    I am not such a big fan of Blaire’s collection. I think the doll is pretty (I because I love red haired dolls) but I don’t like her story so…


  4. I totally agree about the wedding thing, it seems like that’s everyone’s biggest criticism. Wedding planning is stressful enough for adults, I can’t imagine how any 9/10 year old would be able to do it, let alone be trusted by the adults to do it. Then again, maybe the family is tight-knit? I agree though, that just would never happen.

  5. I love your review! This sounds like one a want to read! You made really good points in your review.and I can’t wait to read this one!!! But, why is she planning the wedding? A little unrealistic.

  6. Thanks for doing a review! I was wondering what her story was like…
    That’s cool that they included her having a food allergy-it’s definitely something that a lot of kids deal with.

  7. Are you going to get Blair? She does look a lot like Lea, aside from the hair and lighter skin. Also when we went to the Ag store in Kansas City they had Luciana mini dolls still there. I don’t know if they are keeping her but whenever we went before the previous GOTY was gone.

  8. Thanks for your review. My daughters and I have read both books. We liked that the books talked about food allergies and sensitives.
    1. Food Allergies – Why didn’t they have a dessert for everyone at the wedding that was food allergy friendly? Why did the teacher want Blaire to discuss her food allergy to the class, but never sent a paper home to the parents about Blaire having a food allergy? Wouldn’t that have been better to have the parents send in food that everyone could eat, to be inclusive? Was a wedding cake even at the wedding in the book?
    2. Dash – He was prominent in the books, and not in Blaire’s collection, so far. The piglet wasn’t in the books, and is in Blaire’s collection.
    3. My biggest problem with the story is in Book 2. (sorry for the spoiler, but I feel that it is important to be said.) In book 1, Blaire is told by her parents not to e-mail someone the family doesn’t know. (Good message!) . In book 2, Blaire is asked by a celebrity, who is staying at the B and B, to go somewhere on another day. Blaire says yes. The adult asking her never consulted with Blaire’s parents, to see if it was ok that he ask. Blaire never consults with her parents ( a common theme in the book). Blaire was going with the person in another adult’s car, who the parents never met. The day that they are going, Blaire tells Cat. Cat reminds Blaire of her commitment that she made with her mother. On that day, Blaire never told her parents she was going. Cat never told Blaire’s parents about the situation, and never mentioned to Blaire that she shouldn’t go in a car with a stranger. The only reason Blaire tells the person she isn’t going, is because she feels guilt about the commitment to her mother, and not because she shouldn’t get in a stranger’s car.

  9. I’m not really a big blaire person, her storys kinda plain, i mean- Addy escaped slavery, and then we see this story, I just think shes a bit plain :) Im most likely not getting blaire, but her clothes are cute!

  10. Hi, I think Blaire’s a very, very cute ag doll. I am looking forward to getting her. I already have Courtney only because I just recently got interested in ag dolls. The only ‘complaint’ I have is just that she is 9 and has social media! I mean I am 9 and only have an iPad not even a phone! Well I absolutely love the story I looked up and wish for you guys to make an ag doll named Hannah and she’s into volleyball, waterpolo and is very sporty and gets bullied for being herself, and has a big family.

    Thank you,
    ❤️, Savannah

  11. I really like Blaire but I didn’t realize she is a red head until I saw a picture of her. I mean I still really like her though. I am surprised she has social media I mean also a phone! I am 9 and only have an iPad and no social media. Well if you consider SmallDollsinaBigWorld as social media then I have one app that is social media. But she is very pretty and I love her clothes.