Grace Stirs Up Success Movie Review

I had a lot of fun at the movie viewing event. Though it was really packed, my family got there early and we were able to pick our seats. The theater had a special menu for the American Girl event, and there was soda, popcorn, and truffles. We got to take a photo on the red carpet and then we checked in. They gave us pink wristbands to wear and our goodie bags. Then we followed the line into the theater and sat down.

We waited a long, long time because the line was so long and it was moving slowly. Finally, the movie started. :)

I loved Grace Stirs Up Success. Catlover02 and Samanthalover both enjoyed it as well. Even my mom liked it! I think they did a really good job of filming and I liked the music too. There were many humorous parts in it, and I loved how American Girl included the subject of family in the movie.  Some parts of it were changed though, like Sylvie spoke English, and Grace’s grandparents owned the Patisserie, instead of her uncle. I still liked it and can’t wait to watch it again!

Here’s a review of the goodie bag.


The goodie bag is shaped like La Patisserie. It’s the perfect size for mini dolls!


It opens at the top.


First, there’s 2 coupons for AG. One is $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, and the other is getting a free spa doll treatment with a purchase of any hairstyle at the hair salon.


Then, an Eiffel Tower cookie cutter. Since the top is so thin, it seems bendable, but it’s still good quality.


Then there was a bag filled with paper goodies.


These are paper tags with different designs on them. You can use them when you give a gift to a friend.


Here’s the paper doll and scene. In the movie, Grace has a cupcakery with her friends, so there’s a paper doll and stickers to decorate the cupcakery.



On the back is a picture of Paris.


Next, we have girl and doll sized posters. I used the doll sized one and put it in my dolls’ house. Grace seems to like it a lot! ;)


A bookmark….



….and pretend tickets to Paris for you and your doll!

That’s all that was in the goodie bag. There was also a craft to do at the theater before the movie started.


I got to make a pretend macaron card for Grace to send to her friend. :)

I’m glad I got to go. Grace Stirs Up Success Movie and Soundtrack are available today at Free shipping comes with them! The movie and soundtrack are at Target too, if you don’t want to wait for the movie to be shipped. :)

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. I was at target last night! The movie was there but we didn’t buy it. I really would like to have the soundtrack. All the songs are sooooo cute! I’m glad you had a great time at the movie event!

  2. Hey guys, check AG’s website! Lots of new Truly me stuff is here and also a new Grace Thomas game!