Isabelle’s Metallic Dress Review

Hello friends and followers! It’s Isabelle here, and I am going to review my metallic dress from my collection.


This set comes with one dress, one belt, one pair of tights, and a pair of shoes. It sells for $34.


The dress is soft and pretty. There is a layer of tulle over the dress.

The belt looks realistic. Mommy said she had a hard time putting it on at first, but it got easier over time.


It gathers up at the top. It kind of reminds me of something people wore who lived in Rome or Greece.


At the bottom of the dress is lots of sequins. They are square-shaped, which you don’t see very often. I think they are very pretty, and are secured tightly.


The tulle is not attached to the dress.


The tights are a beautiful lavender color. They are well made and they can go with many outfits. The little patch of coral has “Isabelle” printed on it. They are very sturdy, but can be ruined in a minute. Mom has to be careful!


The little shoes are so cute! The bow adds a nice touch. These too, can go with many outfits.

I rate this outfit 4.9 stars out of 5. This could be sold out soon! If you want to buy it, save your money quickly! I think it is worth the money. :)

– Isabelle GOTY 2014 (Too bad 2014 is coming to an end.) ;)



2 comments on “Isabelle’s Metallic Dress Review

  1. i always like the girl of the year dolls better after seeing their movies but last year by the time i watched saige’s movie she was sold out. I will not get isabelle but maybe GOTY 2015 we’ll see !