Isabelle’s New Wardrobe

Does anyone know what this is, or what brand it is?


I know, but I’m just quizzing you. :) It’s the Wooden Wardrobe from Our Generation at Target.


I received it from my parents for Christmas. It’s almost like Isabelle’s studio, but much cheaper. It was on sale at Target for like $60-$70. Isabelle’s studio is $275. It’s a way better deal, even though it doesn’t come with all of the accessories. Isabelle will give you a tour. First she has to open the doors.


Ta-da! What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? Isabelle sure thinks so. Looks like she’s moved right in!


This really cute seat, or chair, or something, came with the wardrobe. It looks small, but it fits AG dolls really well.


This is Catlover02’s new puppy, Jade!


On the side of the door is a little mirror and table for hair accessories. Isabelle is getting ready. She just got out of bed.


Now she is looking in the closet for something to wear.


“Hey everyone! Long time, no see!”

Mini Isabelle was hiding in the clothes. She has been pretty absent from the blog; sorry about that.


Lots of clothes can fit in the drawer.


The shelf can hold many things too!


This is my new Tutu! Catlover02 got the 1st Tutu in April, and I fell in love with her. Then when I got Isabelle, I wished my Isabelle had a Tutu too. (ha ha) . I got her for Christmas. Isn’t she cute?


Oh, I’m sorry, Tutu is being shy and doesn’t want to my blog


Isabelle’s dance case fits perfectly on the shelf. I had said, “I wish Isabelle’s dance case fit in here.” I tried to push it in, and it fit perfectly!

Well, what do you think? This is a great item, perfect for any doll. It is also perfect for all you Isabelle fans that have wanted Isabelle’s studio, but can’t afford it. This wardrobe has a lot more storage for clothes too. Isabelle is planning to share it with Grace, when Catlover02 purchases her.

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. I thought of the same thing, even though I don’t have Isabelle myself. Another idea I’ll pass along is adding the Our Generation sewing kit if you happen to find it at Target. By the way, I found your website through Doll Diaries! :)