New Instore Exclusive: Grace’s French Pastry Set Review

You would not believe how excited my sister and I were when we heard about this set.


We were so excited! Whoever made up this set was really smart. I think it’s going to sell out fast. Anyway, I bought this at the AG store on Friday. I learned about this set from Living A Doll’s Life (seriously, awesome blog; they have the hottest AG news) and I wanted to get it right away. Since Catlover02 and I made our own bakery, we liked the idea of having some real AG treats in it. It’s way cheaper than buying the Pastry Cart or the Bakery.

The set is reasonably priced at $18.


The box opens up like a cupcake or bakery box, but the desserts have to slide out the side.


They come secured in plastic.




First, the raspberry macaron. I love this treat. The top and bottom are so smooth and the macarons even have the feet on their edges. The raspberries on the other hand…. look pokey. They don’t look like real raspberries up close, but from a little distance they can fool you. :) I took close up pictures for you girls who want to create your own French treats.


The croissant is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. It is cute though, but the edges of the croissant look strange.


I don’t know what this is, and I don’t think AG does either. They just called it a “pastry”. It looks yummy, with all the chocolate. I love the side details, how they made it look like frosting.


The raspberry tart is one of my favorites. The cream looks real, the raspberries look better here than on the macaron. They are lightly dusted with powdered sugar. AG made the tart crust look textured, which I like.


I like this chocolate tart. The raspberries are getting better, and I like the special touch of mint leaves on top.


The baguette is pretty long. I like the texture and the slits on top, but the color is a little off.


Look how much smaller the homemade tarts are…. :)


I rate this set 4.9 stars out of 5. I love this set and recommend this for girls who can’t buy the bakery or pastry cart. You could even buy 2-3 sets and fully stock your bakery!

I got my set at the KC store and have heard others not having it in yet at their stores, so if you go, it might not be in stock. When I was in KC, the Grace section was crowded and there were only 5-6 French Treat Sets left. I have a feeling that there will be no extras of this set once the year is done.

BTW, I do have a couple of store photos, which will be coming soon!

– American Girl Doll Artist


7 comments on “New Instore Exclusive: Grace’s French Pastry Set Review

  1. This is really funny…..but I was there on Friday to!!! At the same location! Barely anyone was there because the store just opened when we got there…… ;)

  2. Wow! I really would like to have this set! It looks like a nice set of pastries since we can’t buy the patisserie. Can’t wait for more reviews… Especially the review about the sightseeing outfit!

  3. I think my favorite treat is that layered chocolate cake thing. It is interesting how the raspberries looks different on each pastry…
    Can’t wait for the store photos! I always like looking at those. :)

  4. I fell in love when I saw this set at to the store for my v=the store. I was going CRAZY!!! I was like, I need this! I am gonna get this when I go to the store.