Prize Package Reviews – Sparkle Sweater Outfit

So, it seems like I’m finally getting around to the reviews of my prizes I won in the World by Girls contest. I’ll try to do the reviews in order of smallest to largest, but outfits aren’t really small, or large. ;)

The first prize I’ll be reviewing is the Sparkle Sweater Outfit. It costs $30 from American Girl.


Did you groan and say, “Not Jamie again!” ?

Hopefully you did not. ;)

Anyway, the outfit consists of a sweater, a skirt, and a pair of boots.

Let’s start off with the sweater.


The sweater is made of light pink coral knit, with small sparkly threads woven throughout. The fabric is extremely soft, and stretches easily. It’s not very hard to put on the doll, but it could be snagged easily with the doll’s fingers. It closes in the back with Velcro. This isn’t a piece that could be mixed and matched easily, but I like it all the same.


Next is the knit skirt. It’s entirely made of knit, no elastic or anything to help it stay on. I think if it got stretched too much, it wouldn’t be able to fit on the doll, so be careful of that.

There are several different sized sequins below the pocket on the right side, and detailed stitched along the pockets. The sequins are glued on and none have come off so far.


Here’s how the skirt looks with the sweater pulled up.


The skirt even has little pockets that the dolls can fit their thumbs in!


Finally, we have the boots. Surprisingly, the boots are SUPER easy to get on and off. They just slip on. The laces don’t untie, which is okay. It’s hard to tie stuff that small anyway. The laces are the same color as the stitching on the skirt, but the blue is not the same color. The boots look a little mismatched, but it doesn’t bother me too much.


The laces wrap around to the back.

The boots are really well made, but I don’t see them going with too many outfits. They don’t have much mix and match potential.


And here is the complete outfit from the back.


I rate this outfit 4.2 stars out of 5, due to the simpleness of the outfit and mismatching pieces. Jamie seems to be enjoying herself in this outfit, but maybe she only likes it because it was recently released.. “Therefore, it is fashionable.” We’ll see how much she likes this as time goes on. ;)

Stay tuned for the Guiding Compass Part 11 and more Prize Package reviews!

– American Girl Doll Artist


19 comments on “Prize Package Reviews – Sparkle Sweater Outfit

  1. Great review! :) I could never get sick of Jamie! She’s so pretty! ;) I can’t wait for TGC! Woot woot!! :D

  2. Aaaw, Jamie’s so cute in that outfit! It’s been catching my eye for a while, because I’d totally wear it! :D Thanks for doing the review! :)
    Can’t wait for the next reviews and TGP!
    <3 , IrishAG

  3. I can’t wait for the Guiding Compass part 11!! That outfit is sups cute! I love the boots, even though they don’t really match. :) But that sweater is ADORABLE! :D

    I’m not a fan of the outfit, all the pieces together. It just doesn’t look very good to me. But I am in love with the sweater XD
    I don’t get tired of seeing Jamie, either! She is so stinkin cute! *you don’t need her, Jaclynn. You really don’t.* *But…* *No.* *Cries* LOL!

  5. I defiantly agree, I don’t get the mismatched stye AG is going for. Jamie is so beautiful! How could anyone dislike her?!!? Lol!