Review: Bitty Baby changing table

This is a very sturdy wooden play table. I’m sure that it will last a long time.


On the top is the diaper changing area. My sister also uses it as a bed. She stores her books in it along with her clothes. There is lots of room for everything.


On the left side is a hanging caddy. If you are wondering what is in it, it’s clay food that I’ve made. Bitty baby and bitty twin shoes also fit nicely along with other little items.



To me, it seems strange that the table only comes with two hangers and you can’t buy more separately. That okay, because the hangers don’t fit the bitty baby clothes very well. They just slide off. My sister just used regular doll hangers instead.

I would rate this 4.8 stars out of 5.

4.5 seems too low.

Thanks for reading!