Review: Doodle Backpack

Spring is ready for school with her new Doodle Backpack. I got the backpack 50% off ($14) online.



The backpack is super great quality. The zippers work well and it fits the doll perfectly. The doodles on the front are a super fun, appealing design.



Surprisingly, the backpack has two compartments. Both compartments are pretty big and can fit lots of school supplies.


As for the accessories, I am super impressed by how cute they all are. First, there are letter stickers and a folder. I don’t exactly know where the stickers are supposed to go, but I’m guessing they’re for personalizing the folder. The folder is a great school accessory and is really realistic.


Next, there is a notepad.  It works just like a normal notepad, it’s just mini. You really can rip off the top paper and start over using the paper underneath. Spring loves this and uses it a lot during math. Hmm, it looks like someone has been doodling recently… I wonder who it could be… 🙂


The composition book is very realistic and the design on the cover is bright and attractive. You can actually draw and write inside. It makes me just want to flip it open and start doodling. 😛


Onto the pencil box. It’s one of my favorite accessories and is very useful. It’s made of hard plastic and can open and shut very easily.


As I said, the pencil box is very useful for storing things, such as these adorable mechanical pencils! The pencils are very accurate and almost exactly match the mechanical pencils that I use.


Finally, there is a translucent pink ruler with a dark pink star pattern. Just like every other accessory the ruler is super cute and is made of hard and bendable plastic.



All of the accessories fit just right inside the backpack, and there is even more room for homemade school supplies, such as erasers and school subjects.





I rate the Doodle Backpack 5 out of 5 stars!


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