Review: Flamingo Beach Dress

Hello! Today, I have here with me Darica, who will model the Flamingo Beach Dress for you. I couldn’t find a good place to photograph her but then settled down next to a dark green bush. The color almost exactly matches her eyes.



The Flamingo Beach Dress is currently sold for $28 and comes with one dress, one bracelet, and one pair of shoes.


The Flamingo Dress is printed with flamingos, lotus flowers, seashells and starfish. There are also little gold flecks sprinkled all over it. They have been stuck on and don’t shed easily.


The top is a halter and it’s scrunched up.


It connects in the back by Velcro. The strings can be tucked in the dress and hidden by Darica’s hair, but they would be easily visible on dolls with short hair. The dress stays on the doll by elastic.


The sandals are very pretty. The coral strip is sewn on and is not stretchable but the white straps are.


There are little gold-colored buckles on the outer side of each sandal. The buckles don’t work.


They are cotton candy pink on the heel.


The bracelet is a great accessory. The cord is stretchy for easy play.


Darica rates this dress 5 out of 5 stars. She loves it and it is one of her favorite outfits!

– American Girl Doll Artiste


3 comments on “Review: Flamingo Beach Dress

  1. Thanks for this review! I really want this outfit and I am saving my money for it. Do you have to slip the shoes on?