Review: Grace’s Baking Set

This is a review of Grace’s Baking Set. I purchased this at the AG store 2 weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to do a post about it. Since this set doesn’t involve clothing, it’s wasn’t included in the Fashion Show. Anyway, it’s time for a review!


Here’s the whole set.


First, the mixer. The mixer is adorable. I love the light blue color of it, and the sticker that says, “La Patisserie.” The mixing attachment turns for 10 seconds when you push the silver button. The mixer uses 2 AAA batteries, not included.


The bowl can be removed and the attachments can be replaced. The top of the mixer slides up to take the bowl out, and switch the attachments. The mixer and bowl are made of very hard plastic. The only flimsy part is the larger mixer attachment. Because of the thin strips, it could be destroyed with rough play.


The mini magazine is made of paper, but I really like it.


It even has some real recipes in it! I, having food allergies, can’t try any of them, but I’m sure others can.


The tablet is one of my favorite parts. It’s mostly made of pink plastic, and it comes with a little stylus.


There are also different cards to put in so you can pretend Grace is looking at her blog or at a recipe. The cards are sturdy, not something that can be ripped.


On the back it says American Girl, and there’s a little slot for the stylus.


This is a pastry masher. I don’t really use it much for Grace, since I’ve never used one myself, but it’s pretty sturdy. It’s small though.


The almond flour box is made from a cardstock like material. The box is empty, making it light. This could be ruined very easily, but I haven’t had any problems yet.


The little pink mixing cups are so cute! They all stack up and are great for pretending. The cups are plastic.


The wooden spoon is so realistic. It looks like something I would use, and I think it’s real wood.


Since I don’t use a sifter, I don’t play much with this, but I do like it. This too, it plastic. It’s very sturdy. The red crank turns around.


Dolls can hold it, just the wrong way.


Grace is ready to bake up a storm!

I rate this 4.6 stars. I really like how everything looks like the real thing. Well, except for the tablet, but I still like it. I just wish the set came with more items. My Grace really likes it though!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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